Elden Ring: How to Defeat Cemetery Shade Boss?

If you\’re playing Elden Ring and want to know how to defeat the bosses in the Limgrave, Cemetery Shade, then you\’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you tips on how to fight this boss and which attacks to watch out for.

Cemetery Shade boss can be encountered in both Black Knife Catacombs in Limgrave and Tombsward Catacombs on Weeping Peninsula, but it\’s an optional boss and not required to beat the game.

  • Reward for Defeating the Cemetery Shade
  • General Tips
  • Mage Build – How to Fight?
  • Melee Build – How to Fight?

Reward for Defeating the Cemetery Shade

Defeating the Cemetery Shade boss drops the Lhutel the Headless ashes. With these ashes, you can summon a powerful knight. But summoning costs 106 FP.

General Tips

  1. The boss is very fast and can teleport from far away. The Cemetery Shade is most dangerous at close distance.
  2. The boss can attack in quick succession and inflict bleeding very quickly. Use the equipment that protects against bleeding.
  3. The boss can stop you with his web attack. Dodge to the side when you see the boss shooting out a web.
  4. Equipping a strong shield can make the battle easier. Strong counter after parrying a hit will allow you to hit the opponent. However, sometimes dodging is the way to go.
  5. The Cemetery Shade is invulnerable to any kind of negative status, but it doesn\’t like holy damage. Use items and weapons that add holy damage.
  6. You can make the fight easier by using ashes or summoning an ally. When it comes to spirit ashes, try to find one that summons wolves. Your ally will help distract the opponent.

Mage Build – How to Fight?

When you enter the arena, use the ashes to summon reinforcements like wolves, skeletons or demi-humans. Every one of these spirits will be helpful.

Let the summoned reinforcements attack first. While the boss is dealing with them, start attacking him with spells from a safe distance. But be careful, as after taking damage, he can very quickly appear right in front of you.

Sometimes, when the distance is quite big, the boss will start to form a green cocoon on its head. After a while, it will fire a projectile that will paralyze you. If it hits you, the boss will come over and grab you, dealing a lot of damage. When the cocoon grows to its maximum size, dodge to the side. Moreover, to increase the chances of dodging, move far away from the boss before he shoots the projectile. This will make dodging easier.

To defeat the Cemetery Shade, cast spells as often as possible since it has a low health pool. It\’s best to deal damage to it as soon as possible. Only heal when the boss is far away from you or occupied with your summons.

Melee Build – How to Fight?

Upon entering the arena, use items or ashes to aid you in battle. Boost your bleed resistance as each enemy attack can cause it.

The enemy teleports before almost every attack. Stay alert as it can be misleading and attack at a different time. Keep your shield up at all times and counter after a successful block.

The opponent has various attacks such as a single attack or a combo. If it\’s a combo, dodge to conserve stamina. Skip the counter to avoid the risk of severe damage from the induced bleed. Use Stanching Boluses to treat severe bleeding.

When the opponent raises both weapons, it\’s a signal for a quick combo. Dodging is better in this case as a shield can\’t protect you from the bleeding status. Roll towards the opponent\’s back and attack once.

The fight has only one phase, and the enemy won\’t have new attacks after half of its health bar is depleted. Watch out for the web attack, characterized by a green \”orb\” that the boss conjures. If the web hits you, you\’ll be immobilized, and the enemy will attack you repeatedly.


1. What is Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

Cemetery Shade is a boss in Elden Ring, the upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. It is a mysterious creature that dwells in a graveyard and guards a powerful artifact. The boss is said to have a variety of attacks and abilities, making it a challenging opponent for players to face.

2. What are some tips for beating Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

When facing Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring, it is important to stay mobile and avoid its attacks. The boss is known to have a wide range of attacks, including powerful melee strikes and ranged magic attacks. Players should be prepared to dodge and block these attacks to avoid taking damage.

Another key strategy for beating Cemetery Shade is to exploit its weaknesses. The boss is vulnerable to certain types of damage, such as fire or lightning, so players should consider using weapons or spells that deal this type of damage. Additionally, players can try to stun the boss by hitting it in specific weak spots, such as its head or limbs.

3. What rewards can players expect for defeating Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

Defeating Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring will reward players with a powerful artifact that can be used to enhance their abilities. The artifact is said to have a variety of effects, such as increasing damage output or improving defensive capabilities. Additionally, defeating Cemetery Shade will likely grant players access to new areas of the game and advance the game\’s storyline.

4. Is there a recommended level or equipment for facing Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

While there is no official recommended level or equipment for facing Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring, players should be prepared for a challenging fight. It is recommended that players have high-level weapons and armor, as well as a variety of spells or abilities that can be used to exploit the boss\’s weaknesses. Additionally, players should be comfortable with the game\’s combat mechanics and have a good understanding of how to dodge, block, and counter attacks.

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