Elden Ring: How to Defeat Adan, the Thief of Fire Boss?

Here\’s a guide on how to defeat the Adan, Thief of Fire boss in Elden Ring. This boss is located in the Malefactor Evergaol, which is an optional boss location in the southern part of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Defeating Adan is optional, but it rewards the player with Flame of the Fell God incantation and 3800 Runes. However, the boss has a wide array of fire spells, so players should equip items that offer fire resistance. The boss is vulnerable to heavy weapons, making it easier to stun and attack.

General Tips for Adan the Fire Thief

  1. Ashes cannot be used during this battle, so don\’t try to use them.
  2. Equip items that offer fire resistance as the boss has a wide array of fire spells.
  3. Watch out for the round red rune as it symbolizes the moment after which Adan will use a fire spell.
  4. Adan is vulnerable to heavy weapons and is quickly stunned, making it easier to attack.

Melee Build – How to Fight?

As Adan is a humanoid opponent, players must stay in the right range to avoid fire spells. The red rune signals when the boss is about to cast a spell, allowing players to dodge and distance themselves. The Flame of the Fell God incantation is a large fireball that covers a large part of the arena with fire. It makes it difficult to approach the enemy, but the casting animation is slow, making it easy to retreat back to a safe distance when needed.

Adan\’s weapon induces a bleeding effect that players must watch out for. The melee combo often misses, so players should watch out for the final strike and counterattack right away. Players can easily stun Adan with heavy weapons and strike with one or two extra attacks when the stun comes into play.

Another tactic is to sneak up on your adversary while they are in the middle of casting a spell. If you are quick enough, you can land a critical strike on Adan from behind. Additionally, keep in mind that the opponent may use a flask of crimson tears to recover their health – be sure to disrupt it. By following our advice, the opponent will be swiftly defeated.


1. What is Adan, Thief of Fire?

Adan, Thief of Fire is a boss in the upcoming game Elden Ring. He is one of the main bosses in the game and can be found in the Fire Realm. Adan is a giant humanoid creature with fiery red skin and a large sword. He is known for his speed and agility, as well as his ability to summon fire to his aid.

2. What are Adan\’s weaknesses?

Adan, Thief of Fire is vulnerable to ice attacks, so it\’s recommended that you have some ice-based weapons or spells in your arsenal. Additionally, Adan is weak to attacks that target his legs, so try to aim for his lower body whenever possible. It\’s also important to note that Adan is immune to fire attacks, so avoid using any spells or weapons that rely on fire-based damage.

3. What is the best strategy for beating Adan?

The key to beating Adan, Thief of Fire is to stay mobile and avoid his attacks. Adan is incredibly fast and can deal a lot of damage with his sword, so try to keep your distance and dodge his attacks whenever possible. Use ice-based attacks to weaken him, and aim for his legs to deal the most damage. You can also try to stun Adan by hitting him with a heavy attack when he\’s in the middle of an attack animation. This will give you an opportunity to get in some extra hits and deal more damage.

4. What rewards can you expect from defeating Adan?

Defeating Adan, Thief of Fire will reward you with a large amount of souls and possibly some rare loot, such as a unique weapon or armor set. Additionally, defeating Adan will allow you to progress further into the Fire Realm and continue your journey through Elden Ring. However, be warned that Adan is a difficult boss, and it may take several attempts to defeat him.

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