Duke ODeath Car

This is a guide and walkthrough for GTA 5.

The Duke O\’Death car is almost too tempting to resist stealing.

After completing the Pulling Favors mission, you can acquire the heavily armored Duke O\’Death car through a random incident called Duel. Simply steal the car when you come across it.

Who would leave that toy car there next to a shabby roadhouse?

You can find the Duke O\’Death on a car park near a roadhouse, petrol station, or cafe on Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert, around Harmony.

Now we understand why…

Shortly after stealing the car, the owners will come after you with two trucks and three SUVs. You\’ll need to either kill them all or make a quick getaway.

Actually, it\’s not too far away.

Once you complete this task, the Duke O\’Death will appear in two specific locations. The first is in a field with machinery for crude oil extraction, west of the airport in the Grand Senora Desert (the car is near one of the machines).

That\’s a bit farther away.

The other location is under a roof in the southwestern part of the scrap heap in El Burro Heights.


What is Duke O\’Death car in GTA V?

Duke O\’Death is a heavily armored muscle car in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. It was added as part of the \”I\’m Not a Hipster\” update in June 2014. The car is based on the 1970 Dodge Charger and is known for its impressive speed and durability. It has a unique ability to withstand multiple explosions and collisions, making it one of the toughest vehicles in the game.

How to get Duke O\’Death car in GTA V?

To get the Duke O\’Death car in GTA V, you need to have completed the mission \”Deathwish\” in the single-player campaign. Once you have done that, you can find the car parked in the southwest corner of the Grand Senora Desert. It is located near the oil derricks and is surrounded by a fence. You will need to use a vehicle or helicopter to jump over the fence and get to the car. Alternatively, you can purchase the car from the in-game website \”Southern San Andreas Super Autos\” for $665,000, but you need to have completed the same mission to unlock the purchase option.

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