Dual Wielding in Red Dead Redemption 2: Is it Possible?

This guide for Red Dead Redemption 2 will reveal whether or not you can dual wield weapons, and offer advice on how to unlock the skill.

Utilizing dual wielding in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a potent tactic for defeating enemies, but it\’s not available from the start. In this article, we\’ll explain how to unlock this ability.

Keep in mind that dual wielding is limited to sidearms like pistols, revolvers, or small sawed-off shotguns. Additionally, you\’ll need to obtain an Off-Hand Holster, as Arthur begins the game with only one holster.

The second holster can be obtained by completing the Blessed Are the Meek? mission during chapter two, where you\’ll rescue Micah from the Strawberry prison. The Off-Hand Holster will be awarded upon completion of the mission.

Once you have both holsters, open the wheel menu and place two sidearms in the upper slots. Then select the option with two arrows (as seen in picture 1) to draw both sidearms at once (as seen in picture 2).


Can you dual wield in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Yes, you can dual wield in Red Dead Redemption 2. Dual wielding allows you to hold a weapon in each hand, increasing your firepower and allowing you to take down enemies more quickly. To dual wield, you must first unlock the ability by purchasing it from a gunsmith or by leveling up. Once you have the ability, simply equip two compatible weapons and hold down the button to aim down sights. You can also switch between your two weapons by pressing the weapon switch button.

What are the best weapons to dual wield in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The best weapons to dual wield in Red Dead Redemption 2 depend on your playstyle and the situation you are in. For close range combat, the Sawed-Off Shotgun is a popular choice as it deals heavy damage at close range. The Double-Action Revolver is also a good choice as it has a high rate of fire and can quickly take down multiple enemies. For medium range combat, the Schofield Revolver is a reliable choice with good accuracy and damage. The Semi-Auto Pistol is also a good option with a high rate of fire and good accuracy. It\’s important to note that dual wielding can quickly deplete your ammo, so make sure to stock up before heading into a fight.

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