Dredge: The Bitter End

Learn how to complete The Bitter End pursuit and get the Shimmering Necklace Relic in our Dredge guide. Discover where to find the Airman quest, the Mortar Frame and Mortar Barrel, and how to set traps for Mind Sucker monsters.

In this walkthrough for The Bitter End pursuit, one of the story quests in Dredge, we show you how to obtain the Shimmering Necklace Relic.

  • Unlocking the Quest – Reaching Camp and Airman
  • Finding Mortar Frame and Mortar Barrel
  • Preparation of Bait (1/3) – Gray Mullet and Gar
  • Preparation of Bait (2/3) – Longfin Eel
  • Preparation of Bait (3/3) – Gray Mullet and Catfish
  • Placing Bait in Traps
  • Talking to Airman and Getting the Shimmering Necklace

Unlocking the Quest – Reaching Camp and Airman

Start The Bitter End pursuit by visiting the Camp in Twisted Strand. Follow the narrow passages shown in the screenshot above to reach the dock.

Be careful not to damage your vessel in the tight passageways. If you need repairs, go to the nearby Rickety Pontoon.

If you\’re lost, use the signposts that lead directly to Camp.

Speak to Airman in Camp to start the quest. He will tell you his story and ask for help in avenging his comrades. Your first task is to deliver the Mortar Frame and Mortar Barrel.

Be aware of Mind Sucker monsters in the search area that can increase your Panic, causing hallucinations and making it harder to navigate.

Finding Mortar Frame and Mortar Barrel

Related map marker: Mortar Barrel @ Dredge Map

Related map marker: Mortar Frame @ Dredge Map

Find the Mortar Frame by one of the crashed planes. Follow the map above to locate the area. Turn right after leaving the corridor, then go straight.

Search the wreck and move the Mortar Frame to your inventory.

The Mortar Barrel is east of Camp. Turn slightly left after leaving the dock and go straight to find another crashed plane. Search it to find the Mortar Barrel. Return to Camp and give the items to Airman to advance the quest.

Your next task is to prepare three types of bait for Mind Sucker traps. You must catch certain types of fish and deliver them to Airman.

Preparation of Bait (1/3) – Gray Mullet and Gar

The first bait requires:

To prepare the three types of bait required for the Mind Sucker traps, you will need to catch different types of fish. The first bait requires two Gray Mullets, which can be found in various fishing spots in the Twisted Strand area during the day. The freshness and status of the fish do not matter, as long as they are not of the Aberration variety. The second bait requires two Longfin Eels, which can only be found at night in a fishery located next to the camp. The third bait requires one Gray Mullet and one Catfish, which can be found in a fishery marked as #1 and #2 on the map, respectively. Once you have caught the required fish, take them to the Airman, who will create the bait for you.

To place the bait in the traps, move the bait from storage to cargo, and then interact with each trap to load it with bait. Once the monsters appear, defeat them and collect the Chunk of Flesh from their carcasses. Repeat this process for the remaining traps until you have collected three Chunk of Flesh, which you should then take back to the Airman.

In exchange for your help, the Airman will give you the Shimmering Necklace, which is one of the Relics sought after in the Collector quest. Additionally, you can ask the Airman to prepare bait for you in the future whenever you deliver the required fish.


What is Dredge: The Bitter End?

Dredge: The Bitter End is a strategic card game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the role of a faction leader, trying to become the ultimate ruler by using their resources to build and upgrade their base, recruit allies, and defeat their opponents. The game is played with a deck of cards representing units, structures, and resources, and players take turns playing cards and making decisions to outsmart their opponents. Dredge: The Bitter End has a unique art style and an immersive backstory that adds to the overall experience.

How long does a game of Dredge: The Bitter End last?

A game of Dredge: The Bitter End typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of players and their experience level. The game is designed to be fast-paced and engaging, with each turn presenting new challenges and opportunities. The length of the game can also be adjusted by customizing the number of cards in the deck or the victory conditions. Overall, Dredge: The Bitter End is a great choice for players who enjoy strategic card games and want to experience a unique post-apocalyptic world.

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