Dredge: Starting Fresh

This guide provides tips for Dredge and is specifically focused on the first mission, A Fresh Start. By following the steps outlined below, you can begin your journey as a successful fisherman. You will learn how to catch and sell fish, as well as meet important characters like the Mayor, Fishmonger, and Shipwright.

The next section of this guide will provide a walkthrough of the A Fresh Start mission, which is the first Pursuit you will receive.

  • Unlocking the quest by speaking with the Mayor
  • Catching your first fish
  • Selling your fish
  • Talking with the Shipwright

Unlocking the quest by speaking with the Mayor

When you begin playing Dredge, the quest will unlock automatically. The Mayor of Greater Marrow will introduce you to the world of Dredge and ask you to catch fish to pay off a debt. Selling the fish you catch will allow you to earn the money you need.

For more information on how to pay off your debt quickly, visit the How to pay off the debt? page.

Catching your first fish

To undock, click the only available icon on the city screen or use the Z (PC), Circle (PS), or B (Xbox) buttons. Swim towards the open water and you will find the first Blue Macrel fishery. Play the mini-game until you catch all five fish. Detailed instructions on how to play the mini-game can be found on the How to fish? page.

You can continue fishing at another location nearby, but it is not necessary at this point. Return to the Mayor in Greater Marrow to remind him of your $50 debt.

Selling your fish

To pay off your debt, you must sell the fish you caught. New locations will appear on the city screen, so visit the Fishmonger and speak with him. Once you\’ve exhausted the dialogue options, a trading window will appear. Sell all of your fish by holding down the F key (PC), square button (PS), or X button (Xbox).

The Mayor will appear and reward you with Research Parts. These parts are necessary for conducting research on new equipment.

Talking with the Shipwright

A new option will appear on the city screen. Click on the Shipwright and speak with the mechanic. You can now purchase new equipment and repair your ship, completing the quest.


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