Dredge: How to Complete the Craven Courier Mission

If you\’re playing Dredge, you may be asked by various characters to transport cargoes between areas. This guide will walk you through the Craven Courier mission, including where to start and where to deliver the package.

Your task is to deliver a package from your cargo hold. Be careful not to damage your ship, as this may cause the package to fall overboard and fail the quest. Try to complete the mission during the day to minimize the risk of a collision.

  • Unlocking the quest – talking to the Courier
  • Delivering the package to the Dockworker

Unlocking the Quest – Talking to the Courier

To start the quest, head to the northern part of The Marrows and look for the Courier\’s ship between three small islands. Interact with the ship and talk to the Courier. Select \”I could deliver the package to Little Marrow for you.\” You\’ll receive a 2×2 package as a thank-you gift.

Move the package to your cargo hold on the right side of the screen. You\’ll also receive the Getting Over It With Mind and Body book as a reward.

Delivering the Package to the Dockworker

Head to Little Marrow and talk to the Dockworker. Give him the package and complete the quest. Though there\’s no reward, you can return to Little Marrow in a few days and talk to the Dockworker to see the consequences of the delivery.


What is the Dredge: Craven Courier?

The Dredge: Craven Courier is a unique weapon in the game Guild Wars 2. It is a Legendary dredge-themed pistol that can be obtained by completing a series of achievements and crafting. The weapon has a distinct appearance and is highly sought after by players for its rarity and prestige.

How do I obtain the Dredge: Craven Courier?

To obtain the Dredge: Craven Courier, players must first complete a series of achievements. These achievements require players to complete various tasks such as defeating bosses, collecting items, and completing dungeons. Once all the achievements are completed, players can then obtain the precursor weapon, the Craven Blaster, by purchasing it from the Trading Post or crafting it with various materials.

After obtaining the precursor weapon, players must then complete a collection of items by acquiring rare and valuable items from different parts of the game. Once the collection is complete, players can then craft the Dredge: Craven Courier using the precursor weapon and the collection items.

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