Divinity Original Sin 2 Regular Talents

This guide provides a list of all regular talents in Divinity Original Sin 2 that don\’t require a specific attribute value or character level. Each talent\’s effect and commentary are included. It\’s important to note that some talents are tied to character classes, so be mindful of your character\’s class before selecting a talent. For more information on classes, refer to the dedicated chapter.

All regular talents available to your character are listed in black in the character window\’s appropriate tab.


All Skilled Up

Activating this talent grants two ability points, one for combat-oriented abilities and another for the character\’s traits.

All Skilled Up is a useful talent that can considerably strengthen your character, especially at lower levels. However, it\’s important to consider how to spend the points wisely. If you\’re unsure of what your character should be like, it\’s better to wait to use this talent until later in the game.

Arrow Recovery

After firing a special arrow at a target, there\’s a 33% chance of retrieving it from the corpse.

This talent works well for ranged characters who use expensive special arrows that have unique properties. Arrow Recovery gives you a chance to collect the arrow you just used after killing the opponent.

Bigger and Better

Activating this talent grants two attribute points.

Bigger and Better is a relatively useless talent that only yields two attribute points, which are obtainable with each level-up. With only six talent points available in the game, it\’s better to invest in other, more valuable talents.

Comeback Kid

As long as the character has one HP left, they won\’t die from any blow that would be lethal for them. This talent can be reset by using a scroll to resurrect the character, allowing you to use it again during the fight.

This talent is mutually exclusive with Leech.

Comeback Kid is a powerful talent that works well for any class. Keep in mind that a flurry of attacks from multiple opponents may render the talent useless, but as long as you can heal your character, they can continue fighting. Remember that the talent is only activated once, upon resurrection. If the character dies again, you\’ll need to use a scroll to reset the talent before using it again.

Elemental Afinity

This talent decreases the cost of an ability from a specific element by 1 AP if the character is standing on the ground that has the same element. It is mainly useful for mages, but it requires the character to be exposed to a certain effect like fire, oil or water to work, thus making it situational and suitable for experienced players.


This talent allows the character to retreat from combat even if the opponents are nearby. However, it is considered useless compared to just saving the game often with the generic F5 and F8 keys for quick save/load.

Far Out Man

With Far Out Man, the range of spells and scrolls is extended by 2 units. This talent is useful for any character that uses spells and scrolls as it allows them to take more advantageous positions in the battlefield and attack enemies while keeping a distance.

Five-Star Dinner

This talent doubles the bonus from eating food, but it only affects food and not healing or strengthening potions. It may be worth investing in if the character uses food frequently to increase their statistics, but in most cases, it is better to invest the point in something else.

Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon is a powerful talent that provides the character with maximum action points at the start of every turn, but also makes them susceptible to status effects like Poison since neither conventional nor magic armors protect them. This talent is recommended for experienced players who are familiar with the game\’s combat system and the abilities of their opponents as it allows them to deal significant damage.


At full HP, this talent gives the character a 10% chance of critical hit and a bonus 20% to accuracy. It is recommended to invest in this talent early in the game, especially for characters with high initiative levels that can attack before losing HP. This talent is ideal for long-distance fighters like archers, as well as for warriors and knights with plenty of physical and magical armor points.


Leech allows the character to passively regenerate HP when standing in a pool of blood. However, it is mutually exclusive with Comeback Kid, which may create difficulties. This talent is particularly useful for characters who can impose the bleeding effect on their opponents.

Using this talent on a fighter battling multiple enemies, who will also be affected by bleeding abilities, can be highly effective. It\’s important to keep in mind the Rain of Blood ability which can summon a rain of blood on the battlefield.

Overall, it\’s better to select Comeback Kid, unless it doesn\’t fit with your style or your character\’s class.

Living Armour

Increases a character\’s magic armor by 35% of the amount healed through spells or potions. This talent is useful for all characters, especially those who are frequently healed during combat.

Lone Wolf

If a character is part of a team with a maximum of two characters, they receive several bonuses such as increased maximum amount of AP and regeneration, vitality, and armor. This talent is mutually exclusive with Glass Cannon.

It\’s a talent meant for experienced players, as it requires using only two characters which makes the game more challenging. Keep in mind that a character loses this bonus if there are more than two heroes in a team.


Increases the Memory attribute by 3 points. It\’s one of the most useful and interesting talents in the game as it allows a character to save points that would otherwise be used for increasing Memory attribute.

This talent should be chosen early in the game, at level 3 when characters receive a talent point. It\’s especially beneficial for mages who use multiple magic schools.

Morning Person

Revived characters automatically receive maximum HP. This talent is useful for characters who take on a lot of damage and fight at close range. If a \”tank\” falls in battle, they can be revived using a scroll and returned to full health.


Allows a character to perform an attack outside of their turn if the opponent exposes themselves. This talent is essential for melee fighters, especially warriors and knights. When an enemy tries to run past a character with this talent, they will make an ordinary attack, potentially finishing off the enemy or inflicting a crowd control effect.

Parry Master

Increases a character\’s dodge by 10% when dual-wielding. This talent is useful for assassins who use two daggers, battlemages with wands, or fighters.

Pet Pal

Allows a character to communicate with animals. This talent can be useful for quests and obtaining information from animals in the game.

A valuable talent for any character to have. It shortens the duration of effects, both positive and negative, by one turn.

This can be especially useful in battles where debuffs are common. With this talent, your character will be able to recover faster and get back into the fight sooner.

Before selecting this skill, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. While the temptation to eliminate all negative effects is great, keep in mind that most opponents can inflict them without special attacks. By choosing this skill, you may miss out on important bonuses while gaining little benefit.


After performing a lethal attack, gain two extra AP.

This skill is highly valuable for characters focused on landing critical hits. Thanks to the significant bonus, they can quickly finish off an opponent and move on to another or retreat to safety.

What A Rush

Increases AP recovery rate by 1 when a hero has less than 50% health.

After recent updates, this skill has become even more powerful by only requiring less than 50% health instead of the previous 30%. It\’s particularly useful for melee fighters who are more susceptible to injuries.


The character can heal with poison, but regular healing will damage the character.

This is another skill that advanced players should consider. Otherwise, it can do more harm than good, and the inability to heal conventionally can easily hinder your chances of winning a fight.


What are regular talents in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Regular talents are special abilities that your character can learn and use in Divinity Original Sin 2. Unlike racial talents, which are unique to each race, regular talents can be learned by any character regardless of their race or class. Regular talents include a wide range of abilities, such as increased critical hit chance, increased movement speed, increased damage with certain types of weapons, and more.

How do you learn regular talents in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Regular talents can be learned by spending talent points, which are earned each time your character levels up. You can spend talent points to learn new talents, or to increase the level of talents that you have already learned. Each talent has a specific level requirement, so you will need to level up your character before you can learn some of the more powerful talents.

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