Disabling the Missile Launchers Protective Shields in the Main Story

This page of the Batman: Arkham Knight guide provides instructions on how to disable the missile launcher\’s protective shields and deal with Cobra tanks. Additionally, the Arkham Knight will make an appearance towards the end of this stage.

Head to the control room located in the middle level of the building. There is a computer in this room that you must interact with. After doing so, you will automatically take control of the Batmobile. However, do not rush to your next destination as the area is being patrolled by five elite Cobra tanks that you must eliminate first. Remember to avoid getting within the tanks\’ firing range and look for opportunities to launch missiles at their rear. If you are in danger, switch back to Pursuit Mode and utilize the Afterburner.

Only after destroying the tanks, which will unlock a new side mission, should you start following the marked trail. Stop at the ramp and use the Winch to raise it slightly.

The game will not allow you to jump with the Batmobile yet as the Arkham Knight and his men will appear. Move stealthily, and initiate a Fear Takedown to start the fight (targeting a medic is best). After the fight begins, Batman will directly engage the Arkham Knight, but he will escape, leaving you to take down his men. Be careful not to get cornered, and avoid letting the medics electrify their allies\’ armor. Once the fight is over, return to the computer.

Take control of the Batmobile again and use the Winch to raise the ramp. Use the Afterburner to jump to the other side and approach the missile launcher. Use the 60mm cannon to attack it, and be sure to use the dodge engines when the missile launcher initiates its standard attack. Additionally, use the Vulcan Cannon to destroy any single missiles launched at the Batmobile. Keep fighting until the missile launcher is destroyed.


1. How do I disable the missile launcher\’s protective shields?

To disable the missile launcher\’s protective shields, you need to locate and destroy the shield generators. These generators are usually located in close proximity to the missile launcher and are heavily guarded. You will need to eliminate the guards and use explosives or heavy weaponry to destroy the generators. Once the generators are destroyed, the protective shields will be disabled, allowing you to take out the missile launcher.

2. What are some tips for disabling the missile launcher\’s protective shields?

One tip is to approach the missile launcher from a distance and use a sniper rifle to take out the guards and shield generators. This will allow you to stay hidden and avoid being detected. Another tip is to use stealth tactics to sneak past the guards and disable the shields without alerting anyone. In addition, you can use distractions such as throwing rocks or using gadgets to lure the guards away from the shield generators.

3. Are there any consequences to disabling the missile launcher\’s protective shields?

Disabling the missile launcher\’s protective shields can have both positive and negative consequences. On the one hand, it will allow you to destroy the missile launcher and prevent it from causing damage. On the other hand, it may alert the enemy to your presence and make them more aggressive in their attacks. It is important to weigh the risks and benefits before attempting to disable the shields.

4. What should I do once the missile launcher\’s protective shields are disabled?

Once the missile launcher\’s protective shields are disabled, you can focus on destroying the launcher itself. Use heavy weaponry or explosives to take out the missile launcher and any remaining guards. Be sure to stay on the move and take cover to avoid being hit by enemy fire. Once the missile launcher is destroyed, you can move on to the next objective in the main story.

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