Diablo 4: How Many Acts Does the Game Have?

This guide will provide you with information about the number of acts in Diablo 4. The game\’s plot is divided into chapters, and we will also explain if there are clear transitions between successive acts.

Diablo 4\’s campaign is divided into several acts or chapters. This page will provide you with a list of all the acts, including the playable parts of the story, such as the prologue and epilogue. You will also find out how many acts there are and how to progress to the next chapter of the adventure.

  • List of all Acts
  • Completing an Act

List of all Acts

The previous installments of Diablo had four acts in their basic campaigns, not counting story expansions. However, Diablo 4 offers six story acts, making it the largest and longest game in the series.

The campaign\’s structure is as follows:

  1. Prologue – lasts for at least an hour and ends after reaching the city of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks.
  2. Acts 1-6 – each chapter of the campaign contains a series of main story quests to complete.
  3. Epilogue – playing the epilogue will allow you to complete the main storyline and unlock the endgame phase.

Completing an Act

Diablo 4\’s structure of acts is different from its predecessors. The transition to the next chapter of the story is seamless, meaning there are no dividing cut-scenes or loading screens when arriving in a new area.

Although you can theoretically explore the entire world map from the beginning, some regions are level-locked, meaning that they are inhabited by strong enemies of a much higher level than yours, making it almost impossible to traverse these areas. However, the option to visit any region of the map is still available.

The authors have maintained the traditional scheme in which every act ends with a battle against a boss character, but the given chapter of the campaign does not have to end there. You can wait for a message saying that a challenge has been completed to find out whether an act has ended. Additionally, the journal will stop showing quests from the completed act.


1. How many Acts will Diablo 4 have?

As of now, Blizzard has not officially announced how many Acts Diablo 4 will have. However, previous Diablo games have had four or five Acts, so it is possible that Diablo 4 will follow suit. In an interview with Game Informer, Diablo 4\’s game director, Luis Barriga, stated that the game\’s story will be divided into \”chapters\” instead of Acts, which may suggest a different structure than previous games. We will have to wait for more information from Blizzard to know for sure.

2. Will Diablo 4 have more Acts than previous games?

It is currently unknown if Diablo 4 will have more Acts than previous games. As mentioned earlier, Diablo games have typically had four or five Acts. However, Diablo 4\’s game director, Luis Barriga, has stated that the game\’s story will be \”more complex\” than previous games, so it is possible that there will be more content overall. It\’s important to note that Blizzard has stated that Diablo 4 is still in development, so any information about the game is subject to change.

3. Will Diablo 4\’s Acts be different from previous games?

It is possible that Diablo 4\’s \”chapters\” may be different from previous games\’ Acts. In an interview with Game Informer, Diablo 4\’s game director, Luis Barriga, stated that the game\’s story will be \”more interconnected\” than previous games, with each chapter building on the previous one. This suggests that the structure of Diablo 4\’s story may be less segmented than previous games. However, until more information is released, it is difficult to say for sure how Diablo 4\’s story will differ from previous games.

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