Diablo 4: Advice and Techniques

A guide to playing Diablo 4

Before embarking on your Diablo 4 journey, read through our starting advice for new players. Our tips cover character development, leveling up, and exploration.

This guide page provides beginners with essential information. Among other things, our advice will guide you on what to focus on during character development.

  • Choose the appropriate difficulty level
  • Explore the skill tree
  • Select a primary skill
  • Compare items you find
  • Defeat elite opponents
  • Participate in events
  • Use a private stash
  • Activate the Altars of Lilith
  • Explore the dungeons
  • Break items into resources
  • Receive rewards for progress in regions

Choose the appropriate difficulty level

After creating your character in Diablo 4, you can choose between two difficulty levels: Adventurer and Veteran. It is worth noting that the second difficulty level is not significantly different from the first one, offering, among other things, 20% more XP to speed up character leveling. You can change the difficulty level later during gameplay.

You can find more information on the Difficulty Levels page.

Explore the skill tree

Each character class in Diablo 4 has its own skill tree, which is composed of segments. You can move on to the next skill segments by spending skill points in the tree. It\’s important to note that you don\’t have to spend points in all unlocked categories, so concentrate only on those abilities that are important to your character\’s build.

Select a primary skill

In Diablo 4, you can choose from a variety of skills, some of which are related to a specific type of weapon. The primary skill is your character\’s normal attack, so you should choose one and level it up if necessary.

Of course, you can experiment, especially at the game\’s outset, since you can change your skills for free up to the 15th level of experience.

Compare items you find

As you play Diablo 4, you\’ll come across many items. Especially at the start, it\’s critical to examine your inventory regularly and swap items for better ones, primarily weapons. Remember to check the item effects, as sometimes losing a beneficial effect from the current item for a few extra defense points isn\’t worth it.

You can compare items by hovering over the chosen item and pressing Shift (PC), Triangle (PS), or Y (Xbox).

Defeat elite opponents

While exploring the world of Diablo 4, you\’ll frequently encounter elite, or stronger, opponents. These enemies are stronger and often have additional abilities, but they also have a higher chance of dropping higher quality items.

Participate in events

Events are random quests that appear in various locations on the Diablo 4 world map. These quests have set completion times, and at the end, players receive not only experience points but also various items, gold, and Murmuring Obols, a special currency.

Utilize a personal storage area

Diablo 4 contains a plethora of items with various stats, bonuses, and properties. Any items that you find desirable and possess unique features should be stored in a stash for future use, particularly when you want to alter your character\’s build. It is important to note that hidden items in the stash are accessible to all characters on one account.

Activate Lilith\’s Altars

Lilith\’s Altars grant permanent bonuses to characters, such as increasing specific stats or the amount of Murmuring Obols earned. Altars of Lilith are scattered throughout the Sanctuary, so it is beneficial to explore each location carefully. A complete list of all Altars of Lilith in the Shattered Peaks can be found on the Altars of Lilith – Fractured Peaks page.

Explore the dungeons

Dungeons are additional locations that can be accessed from the Diablo 4 world map. These locations are filled with hordes of enemies waiting to be defeated, culminating in a mini-boss. Completing dungeons rewards players with experience points, additional items, and unlocks Aspects that can enchant items and add new effects to them. The World Atlas page, Fractured Peaks, contains a list of all dungeons in the Shattered Peaks.

Break items down for resources

Upgrading items in Diablo 4 requires specific crafting resources. These resources can be found during exploration or by breaking down unnecessary equipment items. This can be done at any blacksmith. It is important to remember that breaking down legendary items yields Aspects that can be used to enhance other items.

Earn rewards for regional progress

The Diablo 4 world region progress tab can be accessed from the map. By completing certain activities, such as discovering fast travel points, completing side quests, and finishing dungeons, you earn Fame Points that contribute to your reward. Rewards include XP, gold, Murmuring Obols, additional skill points, and extra stacks of healing potions. The FAQ page, How to get fame?, contains more information on this mechanic.


What are some tips for leveling up quickly in Diablo 4?

One of the best ways to level up quickly in Diablo 4 is to focus on completing main story quests and side quests. These quests offer a lot of experience points and can help you level up faster. Another tip is to play in multiplayer mode with other players. This can help you complete quests faster and earn more experience points. You should also focus on upgrading your gear and weapons regularly, as this can improve your damage and survivability. Lastly, don\’t forget to explore the game world and take on challenges and events, as these can also offer valuable experience points.

What is the best way to farm items in Diablo 4?

The best way to farm items in Diablo 4 is to focus on completing endgame content, such as dungeons and raids. These activities offer the best chance of getting high-quality items and gear. Another tip is to participate in seasonal events and challenges, as these often offer unique and powerful items as rewards. You can also try trading with other players, as this can allow you to acquire rare items that you may not be able to find on your own. Lastly, don\’t forget to regularly check vendors and shops, as they may have valuable items for sale that can help improve your character\’s abilities.

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