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This is a guide and walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2.

When you are in Undertavern, you will meet Dorotya, a woman who will ask about your accomplishments and test your abilities. If you impress her, she will create a vision for you to complete. She will then ask for a kiss, and if you accept, she will take you to a secluded location where she will reveal herself as a spider. If you allow her to kiss you, you will receive the Spider Kiss talent, which will have different effects based on the vision you chose.

  1. A towering oak: -2 to Constitution and +2 to Strength
  2. A curved quill: -2 to Constitution and +2 to Intelligence
  3. A golden chest: -2 to Constitution and +2,000 Gold
  4. A dragon: -2 to Constitution and +2 to Finesse
  5. A blue butterfly: -2 to Constitution and Glowing Idol Of Rebirth

If you decide to kill Dorotya, the quest will be locked for other characters.

Reward: 6,000 experience points


1. What is A Web of Desire quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

A Web of Desire is a side quest in the Reaper\’s Coast region of the game Divinity: Original Sin 2. The quest is initiated by speaking to a character named Jahan, who is located in the Cloisterwood area. Jahan is a demon hunter who is searching for his former apprentice, a woman named Lovrik.

2. How do you complete A Web of Desire quest?

To complete A Web of Desire quest, the player must help Jahan find his former apprentice, Lovrik. The player will need to travel to various locations in the Reaper\’s Coast region, such as the Blackpits and the Driftwood Arena, to gather information and clues about Lovrik\’s whereabouts.

3. What are the rewards for completing A Web of Desire quest?

Upon completing A Web of Desire quest, the player will receive a significant amount of experience points and a unique item called the Demon Hunter\’s Crossbow. The crossbow is a powerful weapon that deals extra damage to demons and undead enemies. In addition, the player will have the option to recruit Jahan as a companion character, who is a skilled mage and demon hunter.

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