Defeating the Labourers in Steelrising

Find out how to defeat the Labourers, once helpful automatons now turned into killing machines, in this guide for Steelrising.

The Labourers were created to assist Parisians with their daily tasks, but they have transformed into dangerous opponents. This guide will introduce you to the different types of Labourers and provide strategies for defeating them.

  • Forger
  • Lumberer
  • Miner


The Forger is a formidable opponent, wielding a glowing rod that can strike with wide attacks or quick stabs. It can also use incendiary sparks. To defeat it, freeze the opponent and attack while it is defenseless. The Forger is slow, so take advantage of this weakness.


The Lumberer swings large logs and can move quickly in \”fast mode,\” rotating its head to form a blade that swings up and down. Its main weakness is speed, so stick to its back. Freezing it with ice is also effective.


The Miner is slow and primarily uses a drill in combat. It can also swing a pickaxe located on its back. Attack it from behind or immobilize it from a distance to defeat it easily.


1. Who are the Labourers in Steelrising?

The Labourers are a group of robotic enemies in Steelrising that serve as the main force of the King Louis XVI\’s army. They are equipped with various weapons and abilities that make them a formidable enemy to face in combat. They are often seen patrolling the streets of Paris and guarding key locations such as the palace.

2. What is the best approach to defeating the Labourers?

The best approach to defeating the Labourers in Steelrising is to use a combination of different tactics. One effective strategy is to use ranged weapons such as pistols and rifles to take them out from a distance. Another approach is to utilize the game\’s stealth mechanics to sneak up on them and take them out quietly. Additionally, using special abilities like the time-slowing ability can give players an advantage in combat.

3. What are the weaknesses of the Labourers?

The Labourers in Steelrising have a few weaknesses that players can exploit. One of their main weaknesses is their slow movement speed, which can make them vulnerable to quick attacks and dodges. Additionally, they have a weakness to electricity-based attacks, which can stun them and leave them open to follow-up attacks. Finally, targeting their weak points such as their heads or joints can deal extra damage and help take them down more quickly.

4. Is it possible to avoid combat with the Labourers?

While combat is a major part of Steelrising, it is possible to avoid direct confrontation with the Labourers in some cases. Using the game\’s stealth mechanics to sneak past them or distract them with objects in the environment can allow players to avoid combat altogether. However, some sections of the game may require players to engage in combat with the Labourers in order to progress, so it is important to be prepared for both options.

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