Defeating Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2

If you\’re playing Dead Island 2 and want to know how to beat Nikki Gutte, the first Screamer boss, we\’ve got some tips for you.

Nikki Gutte is encountered during the main story\’s third boss battle. You\’ll face her after returning to Beverly Hills from Monarch Studios. She\’s a Screamer – a new elite monster type. Our guide will show you how to avoid her attacks and defeat her.

  • Boss arena
  • Screamer battle

Boss arena

During your second visit to Beverly Hills, you\’ll start the Justifiable Zombicide main quest, which requires you to break into Nikki Gutte\’s estate. Nikki will attack you by the glass wall. Meet your allies at the side entrance.

Screamer battle

Nikki\’s primary attack is a sonic shockwave that can stop you in place, push you back, and enrage other nearby zombies. Try to approach her from the side or behind to bypass the shockwave.

You can interrupt her screams with ranged attacks. Although you don\’t have access to firearms yet, you can throw your weapon at her or hit her with a throwable. Nikki is vulnerable to melee weapons, especially blunt weapons, which should deal the most damage.

Remember to block or dodge her melee strikes. There are other zombies present as well, but you should rush down Nikki and beat her as quickly as possible. This stops further enemies from spawning and quells the zombies\’ rage.

After defeating Nikki, dispatch the remaining zombies.


1. What is the best strategy to beat Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2?

To beat Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2, you need to have a good strategy. Nikki Gutte is a tough boss with a lot of health, so you need to be prepared for a long fight. The best strategy is to use weapons that do a lot of damage, such as a shotgun or a heavy melee weapon. You should also use your special attacks, such as the Fury or the Shockwave, to deal extra damage. Make sure to dodge Nikki\’s attacks and use your dodge roll to avoid her attacks. Keep moving around the arena to avoid getting trapped in a corner. Finally, make sure to use your healing items when you need them to stay alive. With the right strategy, you can beat Nikki Gutte and progress further in the game.

2. Are there any particular skills or perks that are helpful when fighting Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2?

While there are no specific skills or perks that are essential for beating Nikki Gutte in Dead Island 2, there are some that can be helpful. The Fury and Shockwave skills can do a lot of damage to Nikki and can help you take her down faster. The Regeneration perk can help you heal faster during the fight, which can be helpful if you take a lot of damage. The Tactician perk can also be useful, as it allows you to mark enemies and deal extra damage to them. It\’s also a good idea to upgrade your weapons and armor as much as possible before fighting Nikki. With the right combination of skills, perks, and equipment, you can increase your chances of beating Nikki Gutte and advancing in the game.

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