Dead Space Remake: Surviving Environmental Hazards

This guide for Dead Space Remake focuses on Chapter 6 – Environmental Hazard. It provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create an Enzyme in Hydroponics, access the food storage, inject the enzyme into 8 Wheezers, and defeat the Leviathan boss.

The sixth chapter of Dead Space Remake, Environmental Hazard, requires players to navigate through obstacles and fight off Necromorphs. The guide will help players get to Hydroponics, produce the enzyme, unlock the food storage, and defeat the boss.

  • Go to Tram Maintenance
  • Go to Hydroponics
  • Create Enzyme
  • Gain access to Food Storage
  • Inject Wheezer 01
  • Inject Wheezer 02
  • Inject Wheezer 03
  • Inject Wheezer 04
  • Inject Wheezer 05
  • Inject Wheezer 06
  • Inject Wheezer 07
  • Inject Wheezer 08
  • Gain access to Food Storage – continuation
  • Kill the Leviathan

Go to Tram Maintenance

The chapter starts at the Cryogenics room. The Hunter is frozen, and players can examine a Tissue Sample to unlock the Premeditated Malpractice side mission. After that, players should enter the tram and select Hangar – Cargo as their destination.

Go to Hydroponics

To access Hydroponics, players must return to the Tram Repair Room, which they have already visited in Chapter 1. They should use the eastern passage, which was previously inaccessible. It is possible to encounter new Necromorphs along the way.

Players will reach the Hydroponics Tram Station. Optionally, they can remove the lockdown. Isaac\’s journal will have new entries.

Create Enzyme

Players should head east and go through the Sapling Room. They can ignore the hologram and proceed to the Hydroponics Central Hub. They should interact with the enzyme synthesis terminal and take the enzyme.

Gain access to Food Storage

Players should choose the eastern airlock in the central location. The store is closed, and the scientist will provide information about how to weaken the Leviathan. Players will get 8 objectives regarding Wheezers. It is recommended to deal with them in order to avoid backtracking.

Inject Wheezer 01

Players should return to the central location and take the northern passage. They should watch out for spray machines that turn on at regular intervals. It is best to wait until they turn off and then move on. Players can hide in the side rooms they pass by.

After avoiding the traps, players will reach the elevator. They should follow the corridor to the West Grow Chamber and defeat a larger group of Necromorphs. It is easier to attack monsters from a distance.

After winning or during the battle, players should collect loot from the chests. They can explore the West Seedling Room A, which contains the Force Gun, a new weapon. It uses kinesis to attack enemies, and its alternate attack mode allows players to damage several nearby monsters at the same time.

Go to the adjacent West Seedling Room B. The air in this and the next location with Wheezer is poisonous, so you must hurry to reach the monster in time and inject the enzyme, which can be done by pressing the interaction button – there\’s no need to fight the Wheezer.

Inject Wheezer 02

Go back to the previous room and use the elevator to reach Floor 3.

The office of Dr. E. Cross – Sr. Horticulturalist can be reached through the eastern balcony, where you will find the second Wheezer.

Inject Wheezer 03

Travel to Floor 2 using the elevator and take the northern door, where you\’ll find a switch (no need to examine it now).

In the new corridor, you\’ll encounter monsters with large glands for the first time. These monsters are explosive and can deal serious damage if they explode upon approaching Isaac. Aim at the glands from a long distance to detonate them, and turn around often to avoid being caught off guard.

Make your way to the Refrigeration Tower, where zero gravity is present.

You must fly towards higher levels and use kinesis to open passages, while being wary of the Necromorphs, which are harder to eliminate in zero gravity.

After reaching the top, land on the stable ledge and quickly defeat the monster with tentacles attached to the wall. After defeating it, explore the area to find the third Wheezer.

Inject Wheezer 04

Follow the same path back to the switch you passed earlier and examine it this time. You need to:

  1. turn off the fuse for Jungle Ambiance – it has no practical use;
  2. turn on the fuse for the first door.

The south door to the Hydroponics Control will unlock, where you\’ll find Wheezer number 4. Be careful, as monsters will attack you after injecting the enzyme.

Inject Wheezer 05

Take the southern passage to the East Grow Chamber.

Destroy the growths in this area to unlock more parts of the balconies. You need to reach the elevator (picture above) and take it down to floor 2.

Be careful, as the Brute will attack again. Slow down the mini-boss with stasis to easily attack the weak points on his back. Stasis containers are also available in the area that you can throw with kinesis.

Enter the door to the East Seedling Room A to find Wheezer 05.

Inject Wheezer 06

Go back to the West Grow Chamber where you fought the Brute.

Find the power cell in the room and deliver it to the red slot in the upper left corner.

Head east to the East Seedling Room B and find the Deck Systems Keycard on the right.

Return to the circuit breaker next to the cell and use the access card to interact with it and enable gravity.

You can jump off the ground and start flying, but be cautious of the new Necromorphs that have emerged in the area. Look for the Wheezer 06 on the highest balcony – it is visible in the picture and you will recognize this spot by the poisonous gas.

Administer Wheezer 07

Get to the primary balconies and proceed towards the southern door that leads to the Air Filtration Hall.

Make sure to save your game, as a massive tentacle will attack you in the lengthy corridor. As you already know, you have to rapidly attack its orange growths before Isaac dies.

You will arrive at the Air Filtration Tower. Charge your stasis at the station and start flying. Use stasis in areas with discharges (as shown in the picture) – this way you can fly ahead safely. Watch out for the small tentacles that shoot projectiles.

You have to fly to the new hole on floor 6. Use the console to switch off the turbine.

The linear path will take you to the Filtration Tubes. Be extremely cautious here, since fire bursts out of the pipes and can kill Isaac swiftly.

The objective is to destroy consoles at the subsequent passages. Then retreat to a safe spot and resume after the fire is extinguished. You will encounter Necromorphs in the pipes – do not engage them, but quickly return to the starting point. They will perish in the flames.

Proceed to the Filtration Tube Annex – here you don\’t need to worry about dying suddenly in flames.

Select the passage to the Annex Storage. Inside, you\’ll locate Wheezer number 7.

Administer Wheezer 08

Head east from the place where you found Wheezer 07. There you will discover an elevator that travels to a formerly inaccessible part of the East Seedling Room B. There you will find the last Wheezer.

Gain access to Food Storage – continuation

You can also destroy the growth in the room where you found Wheezer 08 and unlock a new exit.

You now need to return all the way to the Hydroponics Central Hub – it\’s best to use the locator. Take the eastern airlocks to the Food Storage again.

Defeat the Leviathan

Save the game before proceeding. It\’s also advisable to acquire plenty of ammunition, such as for the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle or Contact Beam.

Interact with the lockdown release terminal and enter the Food Storage. You\’re about to confront the Leviathan boss. There is zero gravity in the storage. You must fly during the boss fight and can\’t attack the Leviathan by standing on the stable shelf.

The boss fight comprises of 3 phases. In the first phase, the Leviathan will attack with its legs. These attacks are predictable. Use boost and fly to the side.

After successfully dodging the attack, quickly turn towards the boss and attack the orange leg growth. You can use firearms (such as the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle) or rapidly grab an explosive red container with kinesis and hurl it at the boss.

The Leviathan will start spitting out projectiles in the second phase of the battle. The most effective strategy is to use kinesis to grab the projectiles and throw them back at the mouth. If you prefer conventional methods, you can attack the mouth using firearms or red containers. In the third phase, expect attacks from the legs and projectiles, and avoid the toxic fumes that will deplete Isaac\’s oxygen supply. The best approach is to focus on attacking the mouth and dodge the leg attacks. Finally, return to the airlock and have a conversation with Cross before starting Chapter 7.


What is Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake is a remastered version of the original 2008 survival horror game. The game is being developed by EA Motive and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game takes place in the future, where humanity has discovered an alien artifact called the Marker. The Marker is believed to hold the key to unlimited energy, but it has a dark secret. The Marker is actually a conduit for an alien virus that turns humans into monstrous creatures known as Necromorphs. Players take on the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent to investigate a distress call from a mining ship that has been infected by the virus. The game is known for its intense horror atmosphere, strategic dismemberment gameplay, and immersive storytelling.

What is Environmental Hazard in Dead Space Remake?

Environmental Hazard is a key feature in Dead Space Remake. The game is set on a mining ship called the USG Ishimura, which has been infected by the alien virus. The ship is filled with dangerous hazards that players must navigate through, including zero gravity areas, malfunctioning machinery, and hazardous materials. These hazards can be used to the player\’s advantage, such as using zero gravity to float over obstacles or using a flamethrower to ignite explosive materials. However, players must also be careful not to get caught in these hazards, as they can cause instant death. The Environmental Hazard system adds an extra layer of tension to the game, making it even more immersive and terrifying.

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