Dead Space Remake: End of Days

This guide provides a walkthrough for Chapter 10, called End of Days, in Dead Space Remake. Here, we will explain how to find the key to the crew deck, escape from and defeat the hunter, destroy the tendril in each of the quarters, and reach the executive shuttle.

In Chapter 10 of Dead Space Remake, called End of Days, our walkthrough will guide you on how to retrieve the Marker, reach the Executive Shuttle, find the Crew Deck Key, escape the Mercer\’s Hunter, destroy the tendrils in each quarter, kill the Hunter, and finally load the Marker.

  • Reach the Executive Shuttle
  • Find the Crew Deck Key
  • Escape the Hunter
  • Destroy Tendril in Standard Quarters
  • Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters
  • Destroy Tendril in Executive Quarters
  • Destroy Tendril in Chief Steward\’s Office
  • Retrieve the Marker
  • Reach the Executive Shuttle – continued
  • Test-Fire the Engines
  • Kill the Hunter
  • Load the Marker

Reach the Executive Shuttle

To begin, return to the elevator and travel to Main Atrium. Head east and take the newly unlocked pathway next to the shop that leads to Crew Deck and Tram Tunnels.

In the tunnels, take the small elevator to the Crew Quarters. While there, lift the lockdown at the tram station and listen to the conversation with Daniels to update your mission objectives.

While in the tunnels, you can also embark on the You Are Not Authorized side mission to find the final RIG. Check the walkthrough for the quest to learn more.

Find the Crew Deck Key

Once you reach the Common Area, save the game and restock at the store. The northern door requires a keycard that you need to find next.

First, head to the Standard Bathrooms to find the Advanced Engineering RIG Schematics that unlock level 5 of the Suit. Once purchased, you will have 20% armor and 30 inventory slots.

Nearby is a Zero-G Gym where you can play an optional mini-game using Kinesis to throw balls. Completing the game unlocks the Z-Baller trophy, discussed further in the trophy guide.

Follow the linear path to a small elevator, which is inactive. Enter the Zero-G Gym to find a power cell. Use Kinesis to grab it and carry it to a red slot to activate the elevator.

On the new floor, you will find a corpse with the Crew Deck Keycard. Backtrack to the Common Area, where you will face a larger battle against necromorphs. Once defeated, use the keycard to unlock the elevator.

Ride to Floor 1 and emerge in Central Nexus, where a new cut-scene featuring Mercer will be activated.

Escape from the Hunter

Remember that the hunter cannot be hurt, but you can slow it down by cutting off its limbs (which will grow back) and using Stasis. The escape route is predetermined and linear. Unfortunately, the Nexus is currently locked, so you must head east. Look for an orange growth (as shown in the screenshot) and shoot it to get rid of the tendril and unlock the path forward.

You are almost free from the hunter, but it will reappear later in the chapter. Always focus on escaping the room in which the monster is, and each chase should end with your escape.

Destroy the Tendril in the Standard Quarters

Occasionally, you may receive mission objectives written in a foreign language, but you do not need to pay attention to them. Proceed forward, and things will eventually return to normal.

Go through the Mess Hall and take the small elevator. In the next area, fight the monsters while watching out for smaller creatures (use the flamethrower to get rid of them). The door upstairs leads to the Standard Quarters. You will encounter a barricaded northern door, but you can use Kinesis to move the items out of the way.

The next room is full of poisonous gas, and you must also beware of tentacled monsters attached to the walls. Shoot them from a safe distance.

Once you have cleared the area, look for a new growth (as shown in the screenshot) and destroy it to eliminate the tendril from this part of the quarters. Leave the area quickly to avoid the hunter.

Destroy the Tendril in the Deluxe Quarters

After evading the hunter, return to the northern room. Find the neighboring Storage Room. There is a power cell here – use Kinesis to grab it and travel south. Reach the room with the save station – there is a red cell slot here and a new elevator.

The path will take you back to the Central Nexus where you encountered Mercer\’s Hunter. This time, you can explore the area safely. Unfortunately, further parts of this deck are unlocked gradually by destroying more tendrils.

Ride the new small elevator. The upper balconies lead to the Deluxe Quarters.

Exploring the quarters is optional, but there is a side quest (Scientific Methods) taking place here. We have discussed it in detail on a dedicated page of our walkthrough.

As you explore, the lockdown will activate – defeat all necromorphs to clear it. There is a new orange growth (as shown in the screenshot) in one of the corners of the main corridor.

Destroy the Tendril in the Executive Quarters

Return to the Central Nexus section. You can reach the Executive Quarters via the upper balconies (western pathway).

Choose the southern door to enter the Executive Bathrooms and take care of the orange growth inside (as shown in the screenshot).

Eliminate Tendril in Chief Steward\’s Office

Return to Central Nexus, but be prepared for another lockdown. Defeat the necromorphs to lift it and head to the southwestern part of the Nexus. This will lead you to Chief Steward\’s Office. Watch the meeting with Dr. Kyne.

Head to the neighboring room (Inquiry Desks) and eliminate the orange growth (screenshot).

Retrieve the Marker

Go back to Central Nexus and take the elevator to the bottom level. Another lockdown will occur, so defeat the necromorphs to lift it.

Approach the Marker and use the terminal.

Reach the Executive Shuttle – continued

Your next destination is Executive Shuttle Bay. Explore the hangar slowly and gather supplies, as they will be useful in the upcoming battle.

Enter the shuttle and install the Singularity Core.

Test-Fire the Engines

Head to the Shuttle Bay Controls room and interact with the terminal. This will cause the Hunter to appear, and Isaac will have to fight him.

Eliminate the Hunter

As soon as the battle begins, use Stasis on the hunter and, if possible, remove his lower limbs. This will allow you to leave the control room unscathed.

Your objective is to lure the hunter behind the shuttle to the location where the engine test was performed. Additional necromorphs will try to interfere, so it\’s best to eliminate some of them. There\’s no time limit, so take your time to eliminate the creatures with ranged attacks.

Once the area is cleared, repeat the previous action – use Stasis on the Hunter and remove his lower limbs.

Now, quickly return to the control room and test the engines again. The Hunter must be in the blast zone of the engines to be defeated. If he manages to leave the designated area, repeat the previous steps and try to stop him with Stasis.

Load the Marker

Upon leaving the room, Isaac will be grabbed by a giant tentacle. Wait until you regain control of the protagonist and shoot the orange growths on the tentacle. Another cut-scene will start, and once the conversations are over, Chapter 11 will begin.


What is Dead Space Remake: End of Days?

Dead Space Remake: End of Days is an upcoming video game that is being developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It is a remake of the original Dead Space game that was released in 2008. The game follows the story of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent to investigate a mining ship that has gone silent. Upon arriving, he discovers that the ship has been overrun by grotesque creatures known as Necromorphs. The game is classified as a survival horror game, and players will need to use their wits and weapons to survive the onslaught of monsters.

What changes can we expect in Dead Space Remake: End of Days?

The developers have stated that they intend to stay true to the original game\’s story and atmosphere, but they will be making some changes to the gameplay and graphics. The game will be built using the Frostbite engine, which is the same engine used in games such as Battlefield and FIFA. This means that the game will have better graphics and physics than the original game. The developers have also stated that they will be addressing some of the issues that players had with the original game, such as the clunky controls and the lack of variety in the enemies. The game will also feature updated audio and sound effects, which will add to the terrifying atmosphere.

When will Dead Space Remake: End of Days be released?

As of now, there is no official release date for Dead Space Remake: End of Days. The game was announced at the EA Play Live event in July 2021, and the developers have stated that they are still in the early stages of development. However, they have also stated that they are committed to delivering a high-quality game, and they will take as much time as they need to do so. Fans of the series will need to be patient and wait for further updates from the developers.

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