Dead Mans Party

The Witcher 3 Guide

Entering Shani\’s House

This is a main quest that follows the completion of Evil\’s Soft First Touches and Open Sesame!. Head to Oxenfurt, where Shani has her own house (M1,2). Upon arrival, you will meet Shani and a group of officers who will not pose any threat. After a brief conversation, you will be tasked with meeting a girl near the crypt.

Meeting Shani in front of the Crypt

As part of the quest, you will enter the crypt while Shani waits outside. You will face two pairs of wraiths (Level 33) that you will have to defeat. Once done, search for the coffin of Olgierd\’s brother, located on the right side of the entrance, with a saber hanging in front of it.

Witold\’s Grave

Use the incense you\’ve received and walk to all the places marked on the minimap. Then, light the candle in the middle of the room. However, prepare for battle before doing so. You must first defeat five ghosts (Level 33), who act like humans and have weapons that you can parry. Once you\’ve defeated them, you can talk to the summoned ghost and proceed with the main quest\’s objective.

Using Aard to Discover Hidden Valuables

Before leaving the crypt, explore the secret passage behind the wall, which can be uncovered with the Aard sign. Here, you will find a corpse that has the key to the crypt. You can reach the crypt from the main corridor or by walking through the cave. However, in the cave, you will encounter four Arachnomorfs (Level 33). In the crypt, you will find valuable jewelry.

Participating in all Wedding Activities

Attend the wedding and participate in all available activities to unlock the Let the Good Times Roll! achievement/trophy. Some activities, such as boot fishing, playing Gwent (without winning any cards), or fighting with peasants, do not have to end with success but reward large amounts of experience. The list of all available activities includes drinking with the girls near the entrance, sitting with Shani on the first floor of the stable, talking to the girl sitting under the tree in the corner of the area, fishing Shani\’s boot from the pond, chasing the pig (using the Axii sign), playing Gwent with halflings, dancing alone in the stable, drinking with dwarves in the stable, and finding the fire eater by talking to the parents of the bride.

A Unique Gwent Card

It is also recommended to go to the first floor of the stable to find a unique Gwent card – a Cow, in addition to sitting with Shani as part of the wedding activities.


What is Dead Man\’s Party?

Dead Man\’s Party is a term used to describe a party or celebration that is held in honor of someone who has passed away. This type of party is meant to be a celebration of the life of the deceased individual, rather than a mournful gathering. Dead Man\’s Parties can take on many forms, from a casual get-together with friends and family, to a more elaborate event with decorations, music, and food. The idea behind this type of party is to remember and celebrate the deceased person\’s life, rather than focusing on their death.

Is it appropriate to have a Dead Man\’s Party?

Whether or not it is appropriate to have a Dead Man\’s Party depends on personal beliefs and cultural traditions. In some cultures, celebrating the life of a deceased loved one is a common practice and is seen as a way to honor their memory. In other cultures, it may be considered inappropriate or disrespectful to hold a party in honor of someone who has passed away. Additionally, the nature of the deceased person\’s life and death may also influence whether or not a Dead Man\’s Party is appropriate. If the person lived a life full of joy and laughter, it may be fitting to celebrate their life with a party. However, if the person\’s death was sudden or tragic, a party may be seen as insensitive or inappropriate. Ultimately, the decision to hold a Dead Man\’s Party is a personal one and should be made with consideration for the feelings and beliefs of those who were close to the deceased person.

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