Dead Island 2: Where to Find Lieutenant Hicks?

If you\’re playing Dead Island 2 and looking for Lieutenant Hicks, you might face some difficulties in finding him. However, don\’t worry, our guide will help you locate all the clues related to Hicks and guide you through the Beach Offensive quest in Venice Beach to get the access code to the gate.

During the Beach Offensive quest, you\’ll have to find Lieutenant Hicks. Our guide will assist you in finding all the items associated with Hicks, his location, and how to complete the access code to open the gate in the fort.

  • Explore the Venice Beach base
  • Find Lieutenant Hicks
  • Defeat Hicks and get the access code

Explore the Venice Beach base

As you progress through the Venice Beach district, you\’ll initiate the Beach Offensive story quest, and you\’ll have to visit the beach fort. To unlock the rest of the base, you\’ll need an access code to remove the lockdown.

The first thing you need to do is investigate the command tent. The tent has three traces:

  1. Duty Roster
  2. Lockdown Protocol
  3. Weekly Report

Find Lieutenant Hicks

Now you have to find Lieutenant Hicks, who has the access code. You need to find two tracks to fill the search bar to 100%. These are:

Hicks\’ Bag – You\’ll find it on one of the beds in the tent.

Photo – It\’s on the crate in the tent.

Defeat Hicks and get the access code

Now go to the toilets in the northern part of the search area. A Hicks-zombie will jump out of one of them. Defeat the monster.

Examine the corpse and retrieve Lt. Hicks\’ dog tags.

By finding all three items (two from the tent and the dog tags), the main character will complete the access code. You\’ll unlock the Army Lockdown Code, which you can use on the panel at the locked gate.


1. What happened to Hicks in Dead Island 2?

It is currently unknown what happened to Hicks in Dead Island 2. Hicks was one of the playable characters in the original Dead Island game and was also featured in the trailer for Dead Island 2. However, the game went through several development changes and delays, and it is unclear if Hicks will still be a part of the game. Some speculate that the character may have been completely removed, while others hope that he will still make an appearance in some form.

2. Will Hicks be a playable character in Dead Island 2?

As mentioned previously, it is unclear if Hicks will be a playable character in Dead Island 2. The game has gone through several changes in development, including a change in developers. The game was initially being developed by Yager Development but was later handed over to Sumo Digital. It is unknown if Hicks was still a part of the game during this transfer. Fans of the franchise have expressed their desire for Hicks to return as a playable character, but at this time, it is purely speculation.

3. Can we expect any updates on the status of Hicks in Dead Island 2?

There is no current information on when or if we can expect updates on Hicks in Dead Island 2. The game has been in development limbo for several years, and there has been very little news or updates regarding its progress. Fans of the franchise continue to hold out hope for any news on the game\’s development, but at this time, there isn\’t much information available. Until there is an official update from the developers, the status of Hicks in Dead Island 2 remains unknown.

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