Dead Island 2: Defeating Alesis Hernandez

Get tips and tricks for beating Alesis Hernandez, the second boss in Dead Island 2.

Alesis Hernandez is a Slobber boss that you\’ll encounter while exploring Monarch Studios. This guide will explain how to find the boss, avoid its ranged attacks, use the environment to your advantage, and ultimately defeat Alesis Hernandez.

  • Boss arena
  • Slobber battle

Boss Arena

Alesis Hernandez is a major boss that you must defeat to progress in Dead Island 2. You\’ll face him in the Monarch Studios district, in the eastern part of the map during the Michael Anders and the Holy Grail main quest. When you try to enter Emma\’s trailer, Alesis will appear. He is a new elite monster type, known as a Slobber.

Slobber Battle

Alesis Hernandez will attack you with corrosive bile that inflicts caustic damage. To avoid this, stay mobile and hide behind large obstacles. If you get close to Alesis, he will stop spitting bile and replace it with limb sweeps. Dodge or block these, and if he catches you, complete a QTE to break free.

Sharp weapons, as well as those that inflict bleeding and shock damage, are recommended. There are also power boxes around the arena that you can use to activate mechanisms, such as flames or poisonous fumes, but some can only be used once. Regular zombies will join the battle, but only attack them if they get in your way, as defeating Alesis stops more zombies from spawning.

By following these tips, you\’ll be able to defeat Alesis Hernandez and progress further in Dead Island 2.


1. What are the recommended strategies to beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2?

To beat Alesis Hernandez, it is recommended to first level up your character and unlock different abilities. It is also important to have powerful weapons and to stock up on health kits and ammunition. During the fight, it is crucial to keep moving and dodge his attacks. Try to target his weak points, such as his head or legs, and use special abilities, like a stun attack, to gain an advantage. It is also helpful to have a partner to distract Alesis while you attack from behind. Remember to be patient and not rush the fight, as Alesis has a lot of health and can deal heavy damage.

2. What are some common mistakes players make when fighting Alesis Hernandez?

One common mistake players make is not preparing enough before the fight. It is important to have enough health kits and ammunition, as well as powerful weapons and upgraded abilities. Another mistake is not dodging enough, as Alesis has strong attacks that can quickly deplete your health. Some players also focus too much on attacking and forget to defend, leading to unnecessary damage. It is important to have a balance between offensive and defensive strategies. Lastly, players may become too impatient and rush the fight, which can lead to mistakes and a longer battle.

3. Are there any specific weapons or abilities that work particularly well against Alesis Hernandez?

Weapons that have a high damage output and can stun Alesis, such as a shotgun or a sledgehammer, can be particularly effective. Abilities that allow you to stun or slow down Alesis, like a shockwave or a sticky bomb, can also give you an advantage. It is also helpful to have a partner with you who can target Alesis while you distract him. Additionally, having a high level in the survival skill tree can provide useful bonuses, such as increased health and better stamina. Ultimately, the best strategy is to experiment with different weapons and abilities to find what works best for your playstyle.

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