Dead Island 2: Can you use fast travel?

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Fast travel is a useful feature for quickly moving between distant points on a game map. However, not all game developers include it in their games. This guide page for Dead Island 2 answers whether or not the game has fast travel and how it works.

On this page, you will learn:

  • If fast travel is available
  • How to use zone exits
  • How to use the fast travel map

Is fast travel available?

Yes, Dead Island 2 does have fast travel. There are two types of fast travel available:

  1. The first option is available at the beginning of the game and allows players to move between specific districts.
  2. The second option is unlocked halfway through the game and allows players to quickly move to any location with a fast travel map.

Zone Exits

To move between districts, players must use zone exits. However, they can only travel to a specific district and cannot choose a different one. The name of the location is usually written on the map.

Fast Travel Map

Players can unlock the second option by completing The Red Mist main quest in the Venice Beach location. In the building with the blue crab logo, players will find a fast travel map. They can use it to teleport to previously unlocked districts and choose a different time of day. Some districts have more than one map to choose from.


1. Is there fast travel in Dead Island 2?

Yes, there is fast travel in Dead Island 2. Players can use the game\’s map to select any previously discovered location and instantly teleport to that spot. This is particularly useful for backtracking or completing side quests that require players to revisit previously explored areas. Fast travel can be accessed from any of the game\’s safe zones, which are scattered throughout the game world.

2. How does fast travel work in Dead Island 2?

To use fast travel in Dead Island 2, players need to first discover a location by exploring the game world. Once a location has been discovered, it will appear on the game\’s map as an icon. Players can then select the desired location on the map and choose to fast travel there. There are some limitations to fast travel, however: players cannot fast travel while in combat or while being pursued by enemies.

3. Can fast travel be used at any time in Dead Island 2?

Fast travel can be used at any time in Dead Island 2, as long as players are not in combat or being pursued by enemies. It is important to note that fast traveling will not restore the player\’s health, so it is recommended that players stock up on healing items before fast traveling to a new location. Additionally, fast traveling will not progress the game\’s clock, so time-sensitive events will not be affected by fast travel.

4. Are there any drawbacks to using fast travel in Dead Island 2?

While fast travel is a convenient way to quickly move around the game world, there are some drawbacks to using it in Dead Island 2. One major drawback is that fast traveling will not allow players to collect any loot or experience points on the way to their destination. This means that players may miss out on valuable items or leveling opportunities by using fast travel too frequently. Additionally, fast traveling too often can diminish the overall sense of exploration and discovery that is a key aspect of the game.

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