Dead Island 2: All Traders

For those playing Dead Island 2, there are friendly merchants scattered throughout the game world. These merchants can be found in various locations and allow players to buy and sell goods, restock on supplies, and obtain unique items.

There are many traders in the game, each offering a variety of items for purchase or sale. This guide lists all the traders in Los Angeles and provides information on any requirements needed to unlock them.

  • Trader #1 – Carlos (Bel-Air)
  • Trader #2 – Roger (Beverly Hills)
  • Trader #3 – Francesca (Beverly Hills)
  • Trader #4 – Kai (Venice Beach)
  • Trader #5 – W.O. Rodriguez (Venice Beach)
  • Trader #6 – Dougie (Ocean Avenue)
  • Trader #7 – Ezekiel (The Pier)
  • Trader #8 – Todd (Hollywood Boulevard)
  • Important information about traders

Trader #1 – Carlos (Bel-Air)

If you\’re looking for Carlos, you\’ll find him in Emma\’s residence in Bel-Air. However, trading with him won\’t be possible until you initiate the main quest – Call the Cavalry. Once unlocked, Carlos offers a variety of items for sale, including weapons, crafting ingredients, and Fuses.

As a welcome gift, Carlos will also give you Meat Bait (curveball) and a Med Kit Blueprint for free.

Trader #2 – Roger (Beverly Hills)

Roger can be found in Rikky\’s house in Beverly Hills, though you may not find him during your first visit. To access his stock, you need to initiate the Kwon with the Wind story quest and reach a certain point in it.

Roger offers a variety of items for sale, including weapons, consumables, crafting ingredients, and Fuses. He also has a unique Blueprint for sale.

Trader #3 – Francesca (Beverly Hills)

If you\’re looking for Francesca, head to her house in the northern part of Beverly Hills. To unlock her as a trader, you need to initiate the Body Art: The Visionary side quest and complete further missions involving delivering zombie body parts to her.

Francesca offers three unique Blueprints for sale, along with weapons, consumables (including ammo), crafting ingredients, and Fuses.

Trader #4 – Kai (Venice Beach)

You can find Kai at the Blue Crab bar in Venice Beach. Unlike other traders, he is available immediately upon visiting the location and offers a variety of items for sale, including weapons, consumables, and crafting ingredients.

The trader named Kai has 3 Blueprints and additional Fuses in stock, as well as weapons, consumables (including ammo) and crafting ingredients.

Trader #5 – W.O. Rodriguez (Venice Beach)

The trader can be found at the top of the Lifeguard Tower in the northwestern part of Venice Beach, offering Flashbangs, Electric Stars, 5 Blueprints, Fuses, weapons, consumables (including ammo), and crafting ingredients.

Trader #6, Dougie, is located in the hideout in Serling Hotel in the north-western part of Ocean Avenue. You can replenish your Sticky Bomb supply and purchase 5 Blueprints, Fuses, weapons, consumables (including ammo), and crafting ingredients.

Trader #7 – Ezekiel (The Pier)

Ezekiel can be found in the Lifeguard HQ in Santa Monica, but his stock is only accessible after defeating Butcho in a boss fight during the Boardwalking Dead story quest. He offers Fuses, as well as weapons, consumables (including ammo), and crafting ingredients.

Trader #8 – Todd (Hollywood Boulevard)

Todd will appear after finishing the main storyline and defeating the final boss in Hollywood Boulevard. He can be found at the Re-Aging Clinic hideout, offering Fuses, weapons, consumables (including ammo), and crafting ingredients.

Crucial Details About Traders

  1. Not all traders will be visible in the locations mentioned above immediately. You might have to fulfill specific requirements, such as making progress in the game or beginning a particular quest. When you see a dollar icon on the district map, it indicates that the trader is now available.
  2. Their inventory is not set and can change as you advance through the game. A good example of this is weapons – the trader sells firearms that need a level close to your current experience level.
  3. Keep an eye out for unique items while browsing their stock and buy them as soon as possible. This is particularly true of blueprints that unlock new weapon modifications and consumable recipes. Also, make sure to purchase Fuses so that you can have them ready if you come across a Fusebox.
  4. Avoid purchasing commonly available things. This is especially significant at the start of the game when you have less money. New weapons or medkits can be found for free when exploring the zones.
  5. Be cautious when selling your items. Do not discard things from active inventory slots, and do not sell all of your crafting components in bulk. When it comes to handling crafting materials, sell only a portion of them to free up inventory space if necessary, but ensure you have enough to craft something during an expedition.


What are Traders in Dead Island 2?

Traders in Dead Island 2 are non-playable characters that the player can interact with to buy and sell items, weapons, and other useful items. They are scattered throughout the game\’s open world and are often found in safe zones. Traders can also offer quests to the player, which can reward them with valuable items and experience points. Each Trader has a unique inventory and set of quests, so it\’s worth exploring the game\’s world to find them all. It\’s essential to make use of Traders in Dead Island 2, as they can provide the player with the necessary equipment to survive the game\’s harsh environments.

Can Traders be killed in Dead Island 2?

No, Traders in Dead Island 2 cannot be killed. They are non-playable characters that are essential to the game\’s progression, so they are invulnerable to damage. Even if the player attacks them, they will not take any damage. However, it\’s important to note that attacking Traders can have consequences. If the player attacks a Trader, they will become hostile and refuse to interact with the player. This can lead to the player missing out on valuable items and quests. It\’s best to avoid attacking Traders and instead make use of their services to progress through the game.

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