Counting Your Chicken | Reapers Coast

This is a guide and walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2.

1. Reaper\’s Coast – Big Marge

2. Reaper\’s Coast – Eggs

3. Reaper\’s Coast – Magicockerel

You can find a henhouse near the bridge leading to Driftwood. Talk to Big Marge [1] and she will tell you that her eggs were stolen. She wants you to retrieve them.

The eggs are located on one of the nearby beaches, but they are guarded by Voidwoken. You will have to defeat them to get to the eggs, but be warned that they are tainted. Only one egg has survived.

Take the egg back to Big Marge and she will give you information about a buried treasure.

Return to the henhouse later and you will discover that the chickens have been killed by Pepper. You will also be mistaken for Pepper\’s mother. Use Spirit Vision to speak with Big Marge\’s ghost. She will tell you who Pepper\’s father is.

Your next step is to find Pepper\’s father. Magicockerel can be found near the Elves camp. Speak with him and decide what to do about Pepper.

  • Choice 1: Kill Pepper
  • Choice 2: Spare Pepper

Choice 1: Kill Pepper

During the conversation with Magicockerel, agree that killing Pepper is the best option. Magicockerel will then kill Pepper.

Reward: 5000 experience points + 3 guaranteed rewards + 1 of 4 rewards based on character\’s class

Choice 2: Spare Pepper

If you decide not to kill Pepper, Magicockerel will transform into a Voidwoken and you will have to defeat him yourself.

Reward: 5000 experience points


1. What is Counting Your Chicken quest in Reaper\’s Coast?

Counting Your Chicken is a side quest in the Reaper\’s Coast region of Divinity: Original Sin 2. The quest is given by a farmer named Harriet, who will ask you to help her find her missing chickens. The quest involves investigating the area, talking to NPCs, and finding clues to locate the missing chickens. Once you have found all the chickens, you will need to return them to Harriet, who will reward you with a sum of gold.

2. How do I start Counting Your Chicken quest?

To start the Counting Your Chicken quest, you need to speak to Harriet, a farmer who lives near Driftwood. She will be standing outside her farmhouse, and once you talk to her, she will tell you about her missing chickens. You can then accept the quest and start investigating the area to find the missing chickens.

3. Where can I find the missing chickens in Counting Your Chicken quest?

The missing chickens in the Counting Your Chicken quest can be found scattered throughout the Reaper\’s Coast region. You will need to investigate the area, talk to NPCs, and follow clues to locate the chickens. Some of the chickens may be hidden or located in hard-to-reach places, so be sure to explore thoroughly. Once you have found all the chickens, you will need to return them to Harriet to complete the quest.

4. What is the reward for completing Counting Your Chicken quest?

The reward for completing the Counting Your Chicken quest is a sum of gold from Harriet, the farmer who gave you the quest. The amount of gold you receive will depend on your level and the difficulty of the quest. In addition to the gold reward, completing the quest will also give you experience points and reputation points with the NPCs in the area.

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