Control: Which Modifications are the Best?

A guide and walkthrough for Control

In Control, there are numerous Weapon Modes or personal mods that you can use for your character. Which ones are the best? The following section of this guide will provide an answer to this question.

It all depends on your preferred playstyle and the weapons you use the most. The modifications are user-friendly, and you can make changes during the game as per your requirement, so you can customize everything according to the current confrontation.

Pro tip – Try to upgrade your favorite modifications to increase their usefulness, such as restoring more health points or dealing increased damage. By the end of the campaign, your modifications should be at levels IV or V.

Weapon Modifications

Weapon Mods that enhance weapon damage are an excellent choice. This is especially beneficial for a primary weapon that has a high rate of fire. Other useful Weapon Mods include those that provide a bonus after aiming or scoring a headshot – with these mods, you can increase your weapons\’ damage.

You should also carry a weapon that can deal massive damage – I would highly recommend Pierce with a Weapon Mod that increases damage while aiming. This weapon is incredibly powerful but slow – you can install a Weapon Mod that speeds up the reload to resolve this issue.

If you enjoy using a weapon that consumes a lot of ammo in a short time, consider using modifications that can help you manage your ammunition. Some of them can, for example, return the ammo when bullets hit the target, increase the magazine/clip size, or reduce the amount of ammo you use while flying.

Personal Mods

Concerning personal modifications, it is advisable to focus on at least one/two effects that increase the health level. It is also beneficial to enhance your energy or reduce the cost of Launch. If you plan to go on missions where you will face hordes of enemies, try equipping Jesse with mods that accelerate seize to create your own army of allies who will help you in battles.


What are the most popular types of modifications for control systems?

There are several popular types of modifications for control systems, including software updates, hardware upgrades, and system integrations. Software updates involve upgrading the software that controls the system, which can improve its performance and functionality. Hardware upgrades, on the other hand, involve replacing or adding new hardware components to the system, such as sensors or actuators. System integrations involve connecting multiple control systems together to create a more complex and efficient system. Each type of modification has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best type of modification will depend on the specific system and its needs.

How can I determine which modifications are best for my control system?

The best way to determine which modifications are best for your control system is to conduct a thorough analysis of the system\’s performance and identify areas where improvements can be made. This analysis should include an evaluation of the system\’s current hardware and software, as well as an assessment of its overall efficiency and effectiveness. Once these areas have been identified, you can then explore different modification options, such as software updates, hardware upgrades, or system integrations, and determine which ones will provide the greatest benefits for your system. It\’s also important to consider factors such as cost, compatibility, and ease of implementation when selecting modifications for your control system.

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