Control: Unlocking New Powers for Jesse

Guide and Walkthrough

This segment of Control\’s guide will inform players on how to unlock additional powers for the game\’s protagonist, Jesse Faden. At the beginning of the game, Jesse is nearly defenseless, and while she acquires a weapon shortly after, that is all she has for the time being. But how can players unlock new abilities for her?

New skills are unlocked by completing specific main missions and side quests. It is recommended that players acquire the following powers as soon as possible, as each one has its own unique use, be it in combat, exploration, survival, or uncovering secrets.

  1. Repulsion/Melee – Jesse forcefully repels enemies or targets in front of her, causing damage. This power is quickly activated during the game\’s first battles.
  2. Launch – Objects can be lifted and moved telekinetically. This power is unlocked early on, during the Unknown Caller main mission, after purifying the floppy disk.
  3. Evade – Players learn this skill during the A Merry Chase side mission. Evade is useful for extending jumps and other maneuvers.
  4. Shield – Jesse creates a rock cover that negates damage. Players can unlock this ability when they complete the A Good Defense side mission.
  5. Seize – This power allows players to capture enemies with very low health. It is unlocked during the A Captive Audience side mission.
  6. Levitate – While unlocked later in the game, during the My Brother\’s Keeper main mission, Levitation proves to be a very useful skill.


1. What are the new powers Jesse can unlock in Control?

Jesse has access to a variety of powerful abilities in Control, including telekinesis, levitation, and the ability to control objects with her mind. However, there are also several additional powers that can be unlocked throughout the game. These include the ability to seize control of enemy minds, create a shield to protect herself from damage, and summon powerful constructs to aid in combat. To unlock these powers, players will need to progress through the game\’s main story missions and complete optional side quests to earn ability points. These points can then be spent to unlock new powers and upgrade existing ones, allowing Jesse to become even more formidable as she battles the mysterious forces at work in the game\’s world.

2. How do you earn ability points in Control?

Earning ability points in Control requires players to complete a variety of tasks throughout the game. This includes completing main story missions, defeating enemies, and completing optional side quests and objectives. In addition, players can also earn ability points by discovering hidden locations and completing puzzles scattered throughout the game\’s world. Once enough ability points have been earned, players can spend them to unlock new powers and upgrade existing ones, making Jesse even more powerful in combat. It\’s important to note that some abilities may require a certain amount of ability points before they can be unlocked, so players will need to carefully plan their upgrades to ensure they have the right skills for the challenges ahead.

3. Are there any tips for unlocking new powers in Control?

One of the best ways to unlock new powers in Control is to take on as many side quests and objectives as possible. Many of these tasks will reward players with ability points, which can be used to unlock and upgrade new powers. It\’s also important to explore the game\’s world thoroughly, as hidden locations and puzzles can often yield additional ability points and other useful rewards. Players should also focus on upgrading their existing powers to make them more effective in combat, as this will make it easier to earn additional ability points and progress through the game\’s story. Finally, remember to experiment with different powers and playstyles to find the ones that work best for your individual playstyle.

4. Can you unlock all of Jesse\’s powers in a single playthrough?

Unlocking all of Jesse\’s powers in a single playthrough of Control is possible, but it will require a significant amount of time and effort. Players will need to complete all of the game\’s main story missions, as well as as many side quests and objectives as possible to earn enough ability points to unlock all of the available powers. It\’s also important to carefully plan which powers to unlock and upgrade, as some abilities may be more useful in certain situations than others. With dedication and perseverance, however, it\’s certainly possible to unlock all of Jesse\’s powers and become a true force to be reckoned with in the game\’s mysterious world.

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