Control The Foundation: Collectibles and Hidden Secrets

Welcome to our Control game guide! This page contains information on where to find all the secrets in The Foundation expansion set, helping you to discover 100% of the collectibles and unlock the trophy.

The list below only applies to collectibles, such as documents and recordings. We have not included hidden locations or maneki-neko figurines, which are discussed on separate pages of our guide.

  • Basic Information and Map of Foundation Sector
  • 1 – Research Site Gamma
  • 2 – Chasm
  • 3 – Cave System
  • 4 – Cave Bleed
  • 5 – Deep Cavern
  • 6 – Crossroads
  • 7 – Warehouse Path
  • 8 – Warehouse
  • 9 – Canyon Rim
  • 10 – Fractured Cavern
  • 11 – Base Camp
  • 12 – Collapsed Department
  • 13 – Transit Access
  • Astral Plane

Basic Information and Map of Foundation Sector

Above is a map showing the 13 main areas of the Foundation sector and their markings in the game. In the following section, we have provided information about the collectibles found in each location, including pictures to help you find some of the well-hidden secrets.

Some collectibles can be found in the astral plane, which we have discussed in a separate section. Unfortunately, this area does not offer the possibility to use the map.

1 – Research Site Gamma

Log 1: Discovery – a tape recorder can be found on the ground next to an encampment in the research site area.

Hotline: The Foundation – the recording will automatically play shortly after leaving the Research Site Gamma for the first time, en route to the location of the Cave System.

2 – Chasm

VHS Tape Supplement – the documentary can be found on the ground in an encampment with a cage used to trap the TV, an object of power (it takes place during the Found Footage side mission).

VHS Tape Procedures – the document will be automatically obtained after completing the side task called Found Footage, which we have described in our walkthrough.

Talented Janitor – the document is in a secret area in dark caves explored during the Found Footage mission. You can also return to the caves after completing this task and light them up with a portable lamp. Find the collapsed passage from the picture and get rid of the boulders with the help of telekinesis. A cat figurine can be found in the same place; this place was more accurately described on the Maneki-neko figurines page of our guide. Check the description of statue number 2.

3 – Cave System

Cave Paintings – the document can be found under a small desk located in the cave grounds, next to a chest obscured and protected by crystals.

Hiss Sharpened – you should receive this document after defeating the first Hiss Sharpened opponents (a new type of enemy in The Foundation DLC).

Relocation Order – the document can be found on the ground in the place where you fought the Hiss Sharpened enemies. There is also a yellow bulldozer in this area.

4 – Cave Bleed

The Foundation Accident document can be found in a cave to the south of the entrance. In order to access the Astral Copy document, players must defeat a new type of monster found in the same location.

5 – Deep Cavern

The Adventure Accepted document can be found at the marked campground on the way to the Deep Cavern from the Gamma Research Site. The Log 4: The ID tape recorder is also located at the same encampment.

6 – Crossroads

The Leylines document can be found on the floor of the encampment near the Nail, next to a yellow generator. The Foundation Pillar document is located on a blue mat near computers and a whiteboard in the same encampment. The Log 2: Foundation tape recorder is situated inside the Yellow Building. The Unacceptable Behavior Memo document is hidden in a secret area beneath the main part of the intersection, accessible by following the instructions on the Hidden locations page. The Hotline: Rituals recording is unlocked after completing The Foundation main mission. The Log 7: Changes tape recorder can be found by jumping into the pit shown in the picture, after beginning the Pyramid main task. The Hotline: Two Birds, One Bomb recording is displayed during the Pyramid mission. The Log 8: Purpose tape recorder is located near the Lower Crossroads control point and can be accessed during the main Pyramid mission.

7 – Warehouse Path

No secrets can be found in this area.

8 – Warehouse

The Meteor Hill Summary document is located in a room on one of the upper levels of the tower, accessible by climbing onto scaffolding and using the Shape power to pull out the side platforms. The History of the Oldest House document can be found on a desk in one of the small yellow buildings, while the Pyramidic Geometry document is on a bed in another. The Log 3: Work tape recorder is located on the floor of Level 1 of the tower, next to the elevator shaft.

The Tower in Control is full of hidden documents and tape recorders waiting to be discovered. Here is a guide to help you find them:

On Level 2 of the Tower, in the Power Core Storage area, you can find a document called \”Power Cores\” to the right of the generator.

On Level 3 of the Tower, in the Tunnel Access area, you can find a tape recorder called \”Log 5: Pyramids\” next to a barrel and scaffolding that lead to a hole in the wall.

As you pass through the upper caves next to the Tower, the recording \”Hotline: Becoming Director\” will automatically switch on.

On Level 4 of the Tower, in a secret location that can only be reached by passing through a hole in the tower wall, you can find a document called \”Meteor Hill Supplement\”. Follow the tunnel from the Warehouse Tunnel control point until you reach the main tower area, then look for the gap shown in the picture above. The secret lies on the ground next to the elevator shaft.

In a room on the lowest level of the Tower, you can find a document called \”Ash: Request Denied\”. To get there, you must first start the Pope\’s Collection side quest and go through the doors shown in the picture.

On Level 0 of the Tower – Basement Lab, in an area with a smaller version of the nail, you can find a document called \”Northmoor: Final Warning\”. To get there, you must first start the Pope\’s Collection side quest and deal with Processes Designer Gibbs boss.

On one of the initially inaccessible floors of the Tower, you can find the document \”Northmoor: Medical Results\”. To reach this location, go through a hole in the tower wall at Level 3 – Tunnel Access. In our game guide, this location is referred to as Hidden Location no. 10.

Another document, \”Foundation Etchings\”, can also be found on one of the initially inaccessible floors of the Tower. To get there, start at the Warehouse Rise and find the area on the left of the picture with two wooden barricades. Go through the hole in the tower wall visible behind the barricades.

In the Canyon Rim area, the recording \”Hotline: Out of Options\” will automatically turn on when you start exploring.

There are no secrets to be found in the Fractured Cavern or Base Camp areas.

In the Collapsed Department, you can find the document \”Shift Account PT. 1\” in the upper room of the office. Use levitation to reach it soon after you enter the collapsed section and find the first control point.

The Kyiv Summary document can be found near the first control point. To reach the gate and metal detector on the other side, you need to move forward. If you wish, you can open the gate from this side to make your return to the control point easier.

The Kyiv Supplement document is located at the gates and metal detector in the first section of the Collapsed Department.

In America Overnight Ep. 367, the tape recorder can be found in the Data Entry and Filing room, which is visited in the initial section of the Collapsed Department location. Once you have dealt with your opponents, explore one of the higher office spaces.

The Computer Program document is in the so-called astral toilet, which is described in our trophy guide. As you leave the Data Entry and Filing room, take a look at the toilets. One of them is actually an astral toilet and you\’ll notice a levitating object in it.

In America Overnight Ep. 382, a tape recorder lies on the floor next to a large photocopier in one of the rooms next to the Transit Access control point.

The Shift Account PT. 2 document is located on one of the computer stations near the Transit Access control point.

The Movie Camera Supplement document can be found in one of the cabinets near the passageway to the adjacent Transit Access location in the final stages of exploration of the Collapsed Department section.

The Shift Account PT. 3 document lies on a desk in the final areas of the Collapsed Department. It is a location adjacent to the rising gates that lead towards the monolith.

In Hotline: End of the World, the recording automatically switches on at the end of the march to the monolith in the Collapsed Department section.

13 – Transit Access

The Movie Camera Procedures document is automatically obtained after completing Jesse Faden\’s Starring in The Swift Platform episode side quest that is available at this location.

The New Language document is located in an elevator that Jesse can call by pressing a button. There\’s a monster which will come out of the elevator that needs to be killed first. This location is a secret area and we have described it in more detail on a separate site of our guide – Hidden locations – check the description of Hidden location no. 6.

In Brian\’s Movie Den Ep. 3, the video can be found in a dark toilet near a passageway leading to the Transit Access location. Destroy the crystals with Fracture service weapon to get there.

Astral plane

The Were-Everything document can be found on the ground shortly after you begin exploration of the Astral Collision location. This is a unique location first visited in the Nail main task. After unlocking the control points, Jesse can freely return to this area later in the game.

The Maneki-neko Procedures document can be found during initial exploration of the Astral Collision, even before the first control point was found.

The guide provides information on where to find specific items in the game. Each item is accompanied by a screenshot and a brief description of where it can be found in the Astral Plane. The items include a tape recorder, a document, a TV with a recording, and a collectible. The locations for each item are generally in the eastern part of the Astral Plane and near specific control points. The guide also provides tips on how to reach certain hidden locations to find the items.


1. What are collectibles in Control The Foundation?

Collectibles in Control The Foundation are items that the player can find and collect throughout the game. They can be found in hidden places, secret rooms, or by completing certain objectives. There are different types of collectibles, including documents, audio recordings, and multimedia presentations. Each collectible provides the player with more information about the game\’s lore, backstory, and characters.

2. How do you find secrets in Control The Foundation?

Finding secrets in Control The Foundation requires careful exploration and observation. Secrets can be hidden in unexpected places, such as behind a bookshelf or inside a locked room. Players should pay attention to their environment and use their abilities to uncover secrets, such as using the Levitate ability to reach high places or the Shield ability to break through obstacles. It\’s also important to interact with objects in the environment, such as pushing buttons or pulling levers. Some secrets require the player to solve puzzles or complete challenges.

3. What is the significance of collectibles and secrets in Control The Foundation?

Collectibles and secrets play an important role in Control The Foundation as they provide the player with a deeper understanding of the game\’s narrative and world-building. By collecting all the available items, the player can piece together a more complete picture of the events that led up to the game\’s current situation. Secrets also add to the game\’s sense of mystery and intrigue, rewarding players who take the time to explore every nook and cranny of the game\’s environment.

4. Are there any rewards for collecting all the collectibles and uncovering all the secrets in Control The Foundation?

There are no specific rewards for collecting all the collectibles and uncovering all the secrets in Control The Foundation. However, players who do so will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game\’s story and lore. Additionally, some achievements and trophies are tied to collecting all the collectibles, providing a sense of satisfaction for completionists.

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