Control: Old Friends – step-by-step guide

This guide is intended to help you complete the side-quest called Old Friends in Control. In this quest, you will need to defeat six elite enemies and collect six pouches. Follow the instructions below to complete the mission successfully.

To start the quest, talk to Arish in Central Executive.

Step 1: Remus can be found in NSC Energy Converters in the Maintenance. Retrieve his pouch.

Step 2: Guy is in Atlas Chamber in the Maintenance. Eliminate the opponents first, then retrieve his pouch.

Step 3: Cho is in Ventilation in the Maintenance. Retrieve his pouch.

Step 4: Hazzard is in Black Rock Processing in the Maintenance. Defeat him and retrieve his pouch. He wears heavy armor and uses a grenade launcher.

Step 5: Hepstonall and Thompson are in Blackrock Quarry and NSC coolant pumps in the Maintenance. Retrieve their pouches.

Once you have all six pouches, return to Arish to complete the quest. As a reward, he will give you modifications, crafting materials, and 4 skill points.


1. What is Control: Old Friends?

Control: Old Friends is a downloadable expansion pack for the popular video game, Control. The expansion pack was released in August 2021 and features a new storyline, characters and gameplay. The game is set in the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) building in New York City and follows the story of Jesse Faden, who is tasked with investigating strange occurrences in the building. The expansion pack adds new missions, enemies and abilities to the game, providing players with hours of new content to explore.

2. What are the new features in Control: Old Friends?

Control: Old Friends introduces several new features to the game, including new missions, enemies and abilities. The expansion pack adds a new storyline that takes place after the events of the main game, as well as new characters that players can interact with. There are also new areas to explore in the FBC building, including the Investigations Sector and the Foundation. In terms of gameplay, the expansion pack introduces new abilities for Jesse, such as the ability to launch objects and create shields. There are also new enemies to fight, including the Hiss Airborne and the Hiss Elevated.

3. Do I need to have completed the main game to play Control: Old Friends?

Yes, you need to have completed the main game to play Control: Old Friends. The expansion pack takes place after the events of the main game and assumes that players have a certain level of knowledge about the game\’s storyline and mechanics. If you haven\’t completed the main game, you may find it difficult to understand the storyline and gameplay of the expansion pack. Additionally, you may not have unlocked certain abilities or weapons that are necessary to progress through the expansion pack, making it more challenging to complete.

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