Control: How to Defeat Mr. Tommasi, the Boss?

This is a walkthrough guide for the game Control. In this page, we will provide you with a description of the two battles with Mr. Tommasi, one of the bosses in the game. If you can defeat Mr. Tommasi the second time, you will earn a trophy/achievement with the same name.

  • Mr. Tommasi – First Battle
  • Mr. Tommasi – Second Battle

Mr. Tommasi – First Battle

The first time you will meet the boss, Mr. Tommasi, is during the second main mission called Unknown Caller. You will find him in the Mail Room after obtaining the floor 1 access card.

In this battle, Jesse\’s skills are still locked, but defeating Mr. Tommasi isn\’t difficult. He attacks with telekinesis, throwing various objects at you. Use the pillars or other elements of the environment as cover. Wait for Mr. Tommasi to finish his attack and then shoot him with your weapon. This is the safest tactic to defeat the boss.

Regular enemies accompany Mr. Tommasi. You can defeat them quickly by using telekinesis on objects. You can also pick up health from their corpses to heal Jesse. Mr. Tommasi will run away when his health bar is depleted, and you cannot defeat him at this stage.

Mr. Tommasi – Second Battle

You can find Mr. Tommasi for the second time by speaking to Emily Pope in the Central Executive after completing The Face of the Enemy main mission or later. She will give you the Mr. Tommasi quest. Head to the Turntable in the Containment, and you will notice that the previously locked large gate leading to the new area has been opened. Use levitation to fly towards the marker on the map, which will lead you to Stealing AWE location to fight Mr. Tommasi.

The second battle is challenging as the boss flies around the arena and sometimes throws projectiles at you. You can hide behind the large boulder located in the center of the location, or in the area on the right, below the balconies. The latter is safer at the beginning of the fight, but it doesn\’t offer enough space. You can be in trouble once the boss\’s minions appear.

Shoot at the boss from places that make it difficult for him to hit you. When Tommasi loses a little bit of health, he will be joined by flying and exploding beasts. Use focus on them and try to kill them as soon as possible. You can attack them with weapons or telekinesis. Be careful while focusing on the beasts and stay out of the boss\’s sight.

When the boss\’s health is low, a vanishing creature possessed by The Hiss will appear. If you get hit by it, you can die. Stay on the move, perform dodges and try to kill the monster or the boss as quickly as possible.


1. What are the weaknesses of Mr. Tommasi?

To defeat Mr. Tommasi, you need to understand his weaknesses. He is vulnerable to telekinetic attacks and explosives. Using these attacks can help weaken him and make him easier to defeat. Additionally, Mr. Tommasi is also vulnerable to being stunned. Use your powers to stun him and then attack him while he is incapacitated. It is also important to note that Mr. Tommasi is a highly skilled fighter, so it is important to stay on the move and dodge his attacks.

2. How do I prepare for the fight against Mr. Tommasi?

Preparing for the fight against Mr. Tommasi is important to ensure your success. Make sure you have upgraded your powers and weapons to their maximum potential. It is also important to have a variety of mods equipped to enhance your abilities. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of healing items and ammo for your weapons. Finally, it is important to have a strategy in mind before going into the fight. Consider your powers and weapons and how they can be used to defeat Mr. Tommasi.

3. What is the best strategy for defeating Mr. Tommasi?

The best strategy for defeating Mr. Tommasi is to use a combination of telekinetic attacks and explosives. These attacks are effective at weakening him and making him vulnerable to attack. Additionally, use your powers to stun him and then attack him while he is incapacitated. It is also important to stay on the move and dodge his attacks. Finally, make sure you have a variety of weapons and mods equipped to enhance your abilities.

4. What should I avoid when fighting Mr. Tommasi?

When fighting Mr. Tommasi, it is important to avoid his attacks. He is a highly skilled fighter and can deal a lot of damage if you are not careful. Additionally, avoid standing still for too long as he can easily hit you with his attacks. Finally, be careful when using your own powers. Mr. Tommasi is resistant to some powers, so make sure you are using the most effective ones. By avoiding his attacks and using the right powers and weapons, you can defeat Mr. Tommasi and complete your mission.

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