Control Game: Solving the HRA Lab Terminals Puzzle

A comprehensive guide and walkthrough for Control game players

The HRA Lab\’s terminals in Control require specific cards to function. Fortunately, these cards can be easily found scattered throughout the room. However, figuring out the correct combination can be quite challenging. The laboratory\’s boards provide a hint, but the puzzle itself is complex. In this guide, we provide the solution to the puzzle encountered during the Old Boy\’s Club mission.

To begin, players must collect five cards, each with a unique symbol. These cards can be found in the laboratory. Once obtained, players must locate the five terminals, which are labeled on the sides for easier identification, and insert the card with the corresponding symbol.

The solution to the puzzle is as follows:

Terminal Number 1

Terminal Number 2

Terminal Number 3

Terminal Number 4

Terminal Number 5

After inserting the correct cards into the terminals, players will unlock the main terminal and can continue the game\’s story.


1. What are the terminals in the HRA Lab?

The terminals in the HRA Lab are puzzle-like devices that are used to control the environment and open pathways for the player to progress through the game. They are scattered throughout the game world and are often found in hidden areas or behind obstacles that require the player to use their abilities to access them.

2. How do I interact with the terminals?

To interact with a terminal, the player must first find it and approach it. Once the player is close enough, they can use their abilities to manipulate the various elements of the puzzle and solve it. Some terminals require the player to align symbols, while others require the player to use their telekinetic powers to move objects into place.

3. What do the terminals unlock?

The terminals in the HRA Lab unlock various rewards for the player, including new abilities, hidden areas, and upgrades for their equipment. Some terminals also provide clues to the game\’s story and lore, giving the player a deeper understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

4. Are there any tips for solving the terminals?

One tip for solving the terminals is to explore the environment thoroughly and look for clues that can help you solve the puzzle. Another tip is to experiment with your abilities and see how they interact with the various elements of the puzzle. Finally, don\’t be afraid to take your time and think through the puzzle carefully, as rushing through it can often lead to mistakes and frustration.

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