Control: Expeditions – A Comprehensive Guide

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the Expeditions mode in Control. This guide provides all the essential information to help you unlock and complete the expeditions successfully. Discover the rewards that await you upon completion.

  • Introduction to Expeditions
  • Unlocking Expeditions
  • Jukebox Tokens
  • Placing Tokens and Expedition Tiers
  • General Information on Expeditions
  • The Four Islands and Boss Fight
  • Rewards for Completing Expeditions

Introduction to Expeditions

Expeditions are optional challenges that take place in Quarry Site Beta. You will face tough opponents in a raid-like setting, and you need to complete all objectives within a limited time.

Expeditions were added to Control in December 2019 and were not available at launch. You need to update your game to participate in expeditions. They are extremely difficult, and it is recommended to attempt them only after completing the main and side missions. Ensure that Jesse has fully upgraded weapons, powerful abilities, and personal mods to succeed in expeditions.

Completing expeditions rewards players with rare modifications, a large amount of source, and a unique outfit.

Unlocking Expeditions

To unlock the Expeditions mode, start the Put A Record On side mission, and follow the walkthrough in this guide. After obtaining a token in the Central Executive, talk to Arish and then examine the jukebox shown in the image above. Insert the token to access Quarry Site Beta – the location for expeditions.

Complete the Put A Record On side mission to gain access to expeditions. Find more tokens to continue exploring the Quarry and earn rewards.

Jukebox Tokens

Collect Jukebox tokens to start an expedition. You can obtain some of them by completing the Put A Record On side mission. Other tokens can be found scattered throughout the game. Here are some sources to help you collect more tokens:

To get crafting tokens, players can visit any checkpoint and choose Astral Constructs, where they can craft 1, 3, or 5 tokens using Source. Crafting five tokens is the most cost-effective option, as they cost 40,000 Source. Tokens can also be obtained by successfully completing expeditions, Bureau Alerts, Board Countermeasures, and defeating elite enemies.

Players can place tokens in the jukebox and access different tiers, with Tier 1 being the only one initially available. To unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3, players must complete at least one expedition from the previous tier. Each tier is progressively more difficult, with better rewards.

Expeditions have a time limit of 25 minutes, and players must complete all objectives within that time. Death during an expedition does not end it, but will reduce the time available to complete objectives. The game selects one to three modifiers for each expedition, which can make it easier or more challenging. Each expedition requires players to visit four islands and defeat a boss, with different objectives on each island. Levitation can be used to move between islands and dodge mid-air to move faster towards platforms.

The first island requires players to perform cleansing in three different locations, with progress bars filling up in red circles located on the bottom, middle, and upper floors.

As soon as you begin your expedition and start cleansing, enemies will appear. It is important not to abandon the process. The circles are quite large, giving you enough space to dodge attacks or use the Shield.

Remember that you do not have to defeat all enemies. Only fight those who are interfering with the cleansing process to save time.

Here\’s a tip: make sure to use Seize Heavy Enemies when exploring this and other islands. Seize can be used on all types of enemies, helping you distract opponents. Moreover, controlling a more powerful enemy can be a considerable help in battle.

Island 2

Your first objective on this island is to locate a computer with data. It is always found in the center of the island. The computer can be seen in the picture above.

Interact with the computer to spawn Hiss-infected enemies, which will appear in three waves. The next wave will appear after all enemies from the current wave are defeated.

You must eliminate all enemies on this island, including the elite opponent, who appears irrespective of the Tier. This enemy is fond of telekinesis, so use covers and lean out only to shoot a few bullets.

Island 3

This island is the easiest of all. Your task is to find dead Rangers and get their biometric logs. The corpses are located randomly. Follow the sounds and visual clues to locate them quickly.

Try to fight as few enemies as possible. If you are not being attacked from the air, you should have enough time to scan the corpses before the enemies catch up with Jesse.

Island 4

Your objective on this island is to find and burn Hiss-corrupted materials. You need to throw large red blocks into a furnace, which can be found in random locations. Use telekinesis to pick up the blocks and move them to the furnace.

If you are having difficulty finding a corrupted block, check the small passage on the right of the furnace, as shown in the picture. One of the materials may spawn here, but it is easy to miss.

Only attack enemies that are directly threatening Jesse and are obstructing transporting the blocks.

Boss – Distorted Tourist

This boss appears in the starting area after completing all activities on the four islands. It is unique in that it hides in the ground and performs a surprise attack. Keep moving and be prepared to attack the boss. Use telekinesis or a more powerful weapon to deal damage. You can also move with the Shield activated to reduce the risk of getting attacked. Do not make the fight last longer than necessary, especially when close to the time limit.

Prizes for Finishing Expeditions

Once the boss is defeated, chests containing rewards will appear in the central area of the Formation. You are guaranteed to receive tokens/tokens and weapon/personal mods as rewards.

Expeditions offer exclusive rewards as well. You have the chance to obtain purple Infinite mods, which are new tier VI upgrades.

Another exclusive reward is the Expedition Gear. By completing a Tier 3 expedition, you can obtain this outfit and wear it by visiting the Central Executive.


1. What is Control: Expeditions?

Control: Expeditions is a downloadable expansion for the game Control that was released in 2019. This expansion allows players to take on challenging missions that take place outside of the main campaign. These missions are set in different locations around the game\’s world, and they offer unique challenges and rewards for players to discover.

2. How do I access Control: Expeditions?

To access Control: Expeditions, players must have the base game Control installed on their gaming platform of choice. Once the game is installed, players can purchase the expansion from the game\’s online store. After purchasing the expansion, players can access it from the game\’s main menu, and they can select the different missions they want to play.

3. What tips do you have for playing Control: Expeditions?

When playing Control: Expeditions, it\’s important to be prepared for challenging missions that require a lot of skill and strategy. Players should make sure they have upgraded their character\’s abilities and weapons before attempting these missions. They should also be prepared to face tough enemies and obstacles that require careful planning and execution. Finally, players should take their time and explore each mission thoroughly to uncover all of the hidden rewards and secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

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