Control AWE: Another Fine Mess Nourish the Plants Walkthrough

Guide and Walkthrough for Control

This page of our Control game guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the side mission Another Fine Mess: Nourish the Plants in AWE. With our walkthrough, you will be able to locate the plants and feed them by illuminating them.

How to unlock the quest: After defeating your enemies, inspect the bulletin board in the Operations Center. Athi has assigned this task to you.

The three locations you must visit during this quest are:

  1. Abandoned Offices
  2. Operations Corridor
  3. AWE Loading Bay – You must first start the second-story mission, The Third Thing quest.

In each of these locations, you must locate a portable lamp and pull it towards Jesse using telekinesis. Discover withered plants (usually in the corners of corridors and rooms) and shine a light on them for 2-3 seconds to make them blossom.

It may be difficult to locate one of the plants in the Abandoned Offices. It is concealed behind a wall that can be destroyed in a hidden area. The Hidden Places page of our guide includes more information on this location.


What is Control AWE: Another Fine Mess Nourish the Plants?

Control AWE: Another Fine Mess Nourish the Plants is an expansion pack for the popular video game, Control. The expansion pack was released on August 27, 2020, and it features new missions and side quests that players can complete. The expansion pack takes place in the same universe as Control and follows the story of Jesse Faden, the game\’s protagonist. In the expansion pack, players are tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a botanist named Albert Lewis. The expansion pack also introduces new enemies and gameplay mechanics, including a new ability that allows players to control plants and use them to their advantage.

What are some tips for completing the Nourish the Plants mission in Control AWE: Another Fine Mess?

The Nourish the Plants mission in Control AWE: Another Fine Mess is one of the most challenging missions in the expansion pack. To complete the mission successfully, players need to follow these tips:

  • Make sure to use cover as much as possible to avoid taking damage from the enemies.
  • Use your new ability to control plants to your advantage. You can use the plants to attack enemies or create cover for yourself.
  • Be careful when using your ability, as it drains your energy quickly. Make sure to take breaks and recharge your energy when necessary.
  • Pay attention to the environment around you. There are hidden paths and secrets that can help you complete the mission more easily.
  • Finally, be patient. This mission is challenging, and it may take several attempts to complete successfully. Don\’t give up!

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