Continuing Favors

A GTA 5 guide and walkthrough

Available to: Franklin

Location: This mission becomes available after completing the Pulling Favors Again optional mission. Wait for a text message from Tonya requesting your help. Contact her to discuss the mission details and the start time.

Attach the tow truck to the broken car

Drive to the police parking lot, get into the Towtruck, and head towards the broken down car. The game timer shows 5 minutes, which is enough time to reach the destination. Use Franklin\’s special skill to take sharp turns without slowing down. Once you reach the broken car, wait for the owner to get into the truck. Hook the crane to the back of the car. This way, you won\’t have to turn the truck around on your way back to the car garage, located eastward of here. Leave the car in front of the garage square and listen to Tonya\’s conversation.

Mission completion rewards: none

Mission completion requirements for 100%:

  • Time – Complete this mission within six minutes. Wait to call Tonya until you are near the police parking lot to reduce the time needed to reach the Towtruck.
  • Unhook Bonus – Do not allow the car you are towing to accidentally unhook until you reach the car garage.


What is \”Still Pulling Favors\” in GTA V?

\”Still Pulling Favors\” is a mission in the Grand Theft Auto V game. It is the first mission given by Tonya Wiggins, a character who is trying to get her life back on track after being addicted to drugs. The mission requires the player to drive a tow truck and pick up a car that has been illegally parked. The player must then take the car to the impound lot. The mission is quite easy and serves as a tutorial for the towing mechanic in the game. Completing the mission unlocks Tonya as a contact on the player\’s cell phone, and they can then start other missions from her.\”

Can the \”Still Pulling Favors\” mission be replayed in GTA V?

Yes, it is possible to replay the \”Still Pulling Favors\” mission in Grand Theft Auto V. To do this, the player must go to the Start Menu, then select the \”Game\” tab, and choose \”Load Game.\” They can then select the saved game file they want to use and choose the \”Replay Mission\” option. The player can also replay the mission by going to Tonya\’s location and selecting the mission from her contact list. Replaying the mission is a good way to earn some extra cash and practice the towing mechanic in the game.\”

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