Complete Guide to 12 Minutes Game

The 12 Minutes tutorial provides a full description of the game, including all seven possible endings. This page of the guide contains everything required to complete 100% of 12 Minutes. It includes a full walkthrough with all endings and ways of achieving them, along with an explanation of any missed achievements during gameplay. If the previous pages of the guide did not answer any questions, the full walkthrough is available here. Be aware that the following content contains numerous spoilers.

  • Ending 1 – Listen
  • Interrogating the policeman
  • Ending 2 – Coward
  • Interrogating the wife
  • Second interrogation of the policeman
  • The policeman\’s confession
  • Ending 3 – Groundhog
  • Third interrogation of the policeman
  • Ending 4 – Confessed
  • Ending 5 – Alone
  • Ending 6 – Continue
  • Ending 7 – Mindfulness

Prior to starting the game, complete the following:

  1. Water the flower in the bedroom daily. The Liquidity achievement will unlock for the first watering, and Gardener for watering at each \”stage\”.
  2. Check three paintings when entering the apartment for the first time. Look at two in the living room and one in the bedroom through interaction at each stage to unlock the Ouroboros, Faun and Seasons achievements.
  3. Activate all endings to unlock the remaining achievements.

Ending 1 – Listen

To achieve the first ending, do not press any key after entering the apartment. Simply watch what is happening on screen. After approximately 10 minutes, the couple will leave the apartment, and you will return to the menu where the game will restart. This ending is only available at the beginning of the game and cannot be achieved in any subsequent loop.

Interrogating the policeman

At the start of the game, catch the fake police officer who is attempting to break into your apartment. Put your wife to sleep by filling a cup with tap water and adding sleeping pills from the bathroom cabinet to it. Place the cup next to the couch on the cabinet before the wife changes her mind. In the meantime, water the flower in the bedroom using water from the second cup and examine the three paintings: the tree and the egg in the kitchen and the couple on the balcony in the bedroom.

Turn the light in the bedroom on and off once. If this is your first loop, lie down in bed, and the doorbell will wake you up.

Hide in the closet and close the door behind you. Wait until you hear the intruder fall in the bedroom.

The first step in the interrogation is to cuff the police officer, shoot him in the shoulder, and monitor his phone calls. Questions about the wife will be highlighted in grey, so make sure to ask them all before discussing anything else. Don\’t deny your guilt and avoid asking about the daughter until you have completed all questions about the wife. Once you\’re finished, you can move on to the next loop.

Ending 2 – Coward

To achieve this ending, repeat the actions from before (turn off the light in the bedroom and put your wife to sleep), but don\’t shoot the police officer during the interrogation. Retrieve the pocket watch from the bathroom ventilation shaft and the cell phone from the living room closet. When the officer wakes up, admit your innocence and cooperate with him by following his commands:

  1. Give him the watch,
  2. Go to the living room and sit on the couch,
  3. Give him the phone,
  4. Talk on the phone about your wife\’s suicide.

Choosing this ending is crucial to understand that the man is planning to kill his wife. It will affect his behavior later when you attempt to prove him wrong.

Interrogating the wife

Photo on the fridge

Ventilation shaft under the cabinet

After interrogating the police officer, it\’s time to question the wife. Collect the necessary items first: take the Polaroid photo from the fridge and the pocket watch from the bathroom ventilation shaft. Make sure to close the bathroom door before opening the shaft with the apartment keys.

Approach your wife and ask about her past. Choose option 2: you know what\’s hidden in the shaft when she asks for proof, show her the watch from the inventory. Repeat this loop 2-3 times to learn the whole truth before discussing anything else, including the officer\’s connection to her father, the nanny, and the half-brother. Your goal is to prove the wife\’s innocence, which the photo from the fridge and her brother\’s existence will help you do.

To confirm your statement, call Bumblebee and ask for help (\”the wife is innocent\”). If she agrees, proceed.

Second interrogation of the policeman

Once you\’ve questioned your wife and learned everything from the officer, you\’ll need to trap and shoot him again. Use the information from both sources in the next loop and bring the watch and photo as evidence to prove your point.

If all questions were asked during the first interrogation, there\’s no need to interrogate the suspect again. The next step is to have the wife and the officer meet in a way that doesn\’t hurt anyone and leads to more information being revealed. To do this, take the phone from the closet and call Bumblebee behind closed doors. Bumblebee will only help if you have full information from your wife and the police officer.

Talk to your wife and show her the Polaroid photo to clear her name. Then wait for the policeman and suggest waiting for him to pass the time. When he arrives, the wife will start talking to him. If he is aggressive and doesn\’t want to listen, it means you don\’t have all the information yet. After the dialogue, you\’ll have all the information you need to move on.

After talking to the policeman and learning about the brother, phase 2 will begin. You can now get achievements related to overlapping phases such as paintings and flowers in the bedroom.

If you talk to the officer and he leaves peacefully, you can unlock a new dialog option with Bumblebee. This will explain why her father is doing what he\’s doing and unlock the Groundhog ending and achievement. Be nice to your wife during the dinner and select positive responses throughout the scene. At the end, agree to dance and tell her you love her.

During the third interrogation of the policeman, ask about the nanny and the wife\’s brother who is her father\’s killer. Show the baby\’s clothes to the policeman to continue the story. After learning the truth, you will be moved to a different room automatically.

Following this stage, the first modification to the egg painting in the kitchen will materialize.

Ending 4 – Confessed

The Confession ending can be unlocked after obtaining knowledge about the \”brother\” following an interrogation with the police officer using fresh evidence. This ending is relatively simple, but there is no room for error: take the blame in every dialogue. When conversing with your wife and inquiring about the past, a new dialogue option will emerge: \”Tell her what really happened\”. This dialogue leads to the Confession ending. In your subsequent responses, admit to killing her father and taking full responsibility for it. It is also important to plead guilty in front of the police officer.

Then retrieve the pocket watch from the bathroom and call Bumblebee. A new dialogue option will appear: Admit you\’re the killer. Now you only have to wait or go to bed to pass time faster. Eventually, confess everything in front of the police officer by selecting new dialogue options and always taking the blame. Give him the watch and leave the apartment.

Be cautious, as the clock will start going backwards! However, for now, you don\’t want to know what happens when the clock hand goes back two minutes – this leads to a different ending, which you will read about in a moment.

Ending 5 – Alone

The Alone ending is straightforward and brief. Retrieve the watch from the bathroom and wait for the clock hands to go back two minutes from the full hour. You will find yourself in a small room with two dialogue options. Choose the second: maybe it\’s better that we\’re not together. You will return to the loop, but with some restrictions – nevertheless, you can still uncover two endings… After that, you will see the end credits – but you will still have access to further endings.

Ending 6 – Continue

In this ending, follow the same steps as before. The only difference is the dialogue with the man in the room – select the option I want to be with her and later she doesn\’t need to know anything.

This will lead to the scene in which the wife\’s father dies.

This way, the game will \”end\” again, but later, you will return to your apartment in its previous state. If you previously checked the egg painting in the kitchen above the stove, you will see that it is now in its third phase, where a snake eating its own tail replaces the egg – examining the painting will unlock the Ouroboros achievement. To acquire this achievement, you must have previously completed the Alone ending.

Ending 7 – Mindfulness

In the Mindfulness ending, you are alone in the apartment. The only object you can interact with is the watch from the bathroom. As previously mentioned, this ending can only be accessed if you asked your wife about the book twice and in the next loop, said the sentence from the book to her (again asking about the book).

Changing the order of endings in the game will result in the progress being reset, and you will have to start over. If you want to obtain the painting achievements, make sure to pass both the Alone and Continue endings. Pick up the watch and manually set the pointer to two minutes before twelve, then wait for the second hand to reach 12. You will return to the room with your wife\’s father, where you must click on objects instead of dialogue options. First, click on the red book below the main character, then click on the clock on the wall above where the character sits. Wait for the clock to strike 12, and do not select any dialogue options. This will trigger a definitive ending followed by double ending credits.


1. What is 12 Minutes and what is its gameplay?

12 Minutes is a point-and-click adventure game in which you play as a man who is stuck in a time loop in his apartment. The gameplay involves exploring the apartment, interacting with objects and characters, and using the information you gather to progress through the story. The game is played from a top-down perspective, with a focus on puzzle-solving and decision-making. The loop resets every 12 minutes, and each time you play through it, you can try different approaches to see how they affect the outcome.

2. How long does it take to complete 12 Minutes?

The length of time it takes to complete 12 Minutes depends on your experience with the game and how quickly you can solve the puzzles. Some players may be able to finish the game in a few hours, while others may take longer. The game is designed to be replayed multiple times, as there are different endings and outcomes depending on the choices you make throughout the game. So, even after completing the main story, there are still reasons to keep playing to see what else you can discover.

3. What are some tips for playing 12 Minutes?

One tip for playing 12 Minutes is to pay close attention to the details in the apartment and the dialogue between characters. The game is full of clues and hints that can help you progress through the story and solve the puzzles. Another tip is to try different approaches and experiment with different choices to see how they affect the outcome. Don\’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail, as the loop will reset and you can try again. Lastly, take breaks if you need to, as the game can be intense and emotionally challenging at times.

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