Collectibles in GCPD Lockup Map for Batman Arkham Knight

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Important Points in Batman: Arkham Knight – Secrets in GCPD Lockup

Riddler Trophies


1 – Trophy 1
The evidence room contains the trophy. Smash a glass case with a melee attack to get it.


1 – Riddle 1
Scan the interview room in the northern part of GCPD where Jack Ryder works to solve the riddle.

2 – Riddle 2
Scan the desk where Officer Cash is working in the main precinct room.

3 – Riddle 3
Go to the communications room and find a board with pictures of the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, and Deathstroke. The photos will appear on the board after completing side missions tied to Deathstroke.

Our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight provides a map of GCPD Lockup with all the secrets and collectibles found in this Gotham district.

The screenshot above shows the map of Gotham Police Station\’s interior, one of Bleake Island\’s main locations. You will visit it multiple times, especially when completing the game\’s main storyline, and first this occurs at the campaign mode\’s beginning. There are no enemies as all the criminals are locked up.


1. What are the collectibles in GCPD Lockup in Batman Arkham Knight?

In GCPD Lockup, there are a total of 20 collectibles to find. These include Riddler Trophies, Riddler Informants, Breakable Objects, and Joker Balloons. Finding all of these collectibles will not only give you a sense of satisfaction but also unlock various rewards, such as concept art and character bios, as well as contribute to your overall game completion percentage. It\’s worth noting that some of these collectibles may require specific gadgets or abilities to access, so be sure to backtrack and revisit the area once you have acquired new tools in the game.

2. How do I find the Riddler Informants in GCPD Lockup?

Riddler Informants in GCPD Lockup can be found by interrogating Riddler\’s henchmen after completing certain challenges or side missions. Once you have interrogated an informant, they will reveal the location of a nearby Riddler Trophy. It\’s important to note that there are a limited number of informants, so be sure to prioritize interrogating them to make the most of their information. In addition to revealing the location of Riddler Trophies, some informants may also provide hints or clues to help solve Riddler\’s puzzles scattered throughout the game.

3. What is the significance of the Joker Balloons in GCPD Lockup?

The Joker Balloons in GCPD Lockup are a nod to the Joker\’s twisted sense of humor and his influence on the game\’s storyline. There are a total of six Joker Balloons to find in GCPD Lockup, each with a unique message written on it. While these balloons do not contribute to your game completion percentage or unlock any rewards, they do provide some interesting insight into the Joker\’s character and serve as a reminder of his presence in the game, even after his death. Finding all of the balloons can also be a fun challenge for completionists looking for something extra to do in the game.

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