Choosing Your Party Members for The Color of Madness in Darkest Dungeon

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Choosing your party members for The Color of Madness DLC expansion pack can be challenging because it depends on your progress in the Farmstead. The opponents you face will have different weaknesses and strengths, which means you cannot prepare your team for every situation. However, you can tweak your gameplay to make it easier.

  • The First Two Missions at Farmstead
  • The Endless Harvest Mission
  • Heroes to Avoid

The standard starting party is great for the first two missions in Farmstead.

The First Two Missions at Farmstead

During the first two missions in Farmstead, you will face opponents from The Color of Madness. Most of them have high resistance to bleeding but low resistance to blight. They also have high dodge and some have high protection. The following heroes are successful in these missions:

  1. Crusader – great for the first position, strong, deals damage to the first two rows, and can increase his protection in a critical situation.
  2. Highwayman – stronger than ever, can attack enemies in any position, has high accuracy, and can easily cause bleeding to enemies with high protection. Also has a high dodge rate.
  3. Vestal – ideal healer, can cure one character or the whole team, impose negative debuffs on enemy units, or remove the effect of hiding.
  4. Plague Doctor – can cast Blight on enemies, stun and reshuffle enemies, strengthen team members, and cure bleeding and pestilence from himself or any ally.

This is a standard starting team, and you can complete all Farmstead missions and survive many waves of enemies during The Endless Harvest with this party. You can exchange characters, but avoid using Flagellant or Leper during these missions.

The Endless Harvest Mission

Starting team – Crusader, Highwayman, Vestal and Plague Doctor – performs equally well during The Endless Harvest.

In The Endless Harvest mission, where your goal is to survive as long as possible, the following characters will prove their worth:

When deciding on the best heroes to use in Farmstead, it is important to consider their strengths and weaknesses. The Crusader and Man-at-Arms are best suited for the front position, with the former being ideal for offensive play and quick elimination, and the latter being more useful for a defensive gameplay style that prioritizes team support.

In the second position, you can choose from the Highwayman, Hellion, or Jester depending on personal preference. The Highwayman is great for taking on multiple targets simultaneously or quickly eliminating a single opponent, while the Hellion can cause severe bleeding and take out a target from the fourth row. The Jester, on the other hand, can support the team with his music when necessary.

The third position is best suited for the Vestal, who is an excellent choice for healing and providing support. She can heal all heroes simultaneously, which is particularly useful when facing multiple enemies at once. It is not recommended to use any other healer in this position.

In the fourth position, the Plague Doctor is the ideal choice for a supportive character who can deal damage from the back row. This hero can apply a blight effect to enemies, stun two targets at once, or buff a character when necessary.

There are a few heroes that are not recommended for use in Farmstead. These include the Flagellant (if you have The Crimson Court expansion set), who deals damage from bleeding which most enemies are resistant to, and the Leper, who has low accuracy and will struggle to hit enemies unless given an accuracy bonus. The Arbalest and Bounty Hunter are also not recommended, as their abilities rely on marking enemies, which is not effective against most enemies in Farmstead.


1. How many heroes should I bring to The Color of Madness DLC?

It\’s recommended to bring a party of four heroes to The Color of Madness DLC. However, you can bring more or less depending on your playstyle and difficulty level. Keep in mind that each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it\’s important to choose a balanced party that can handle different challenges.

2. Which heroes are best suited for The Color of Madness DLC?

There\’s no single answer to this question, as it depends on your playstyle and the challenges you expect to face. Generally, heroes with good damage output and crowd control abilities are a good choice. Some popular choices include the Houndmaster, Bounty Hunter, and Occultist. Remember to consider the synergy between your heroes and their abilities when selecting your party.

3. What trinkets should I equip on my heroes for The Color of Madness DLC?

Trinkets play a crucial role in the success of your party in The Color of Madness DLC. It\’s important to choose trinkets that complement your heroes\’ strengths and abilities. For example, if you have a hero with high damage output, you may want to equip trinkets that increase their damage or accuracy. On the other hand, if you have a hero with low health, you may want to equip trinkets that increase their survivability. Experiment with different trinket combinations to find what works best for your party.

4. How can I prepare my party for The Color of Madness DLC?

Before heading into The Color of Madness DLC, make sure your heroes are well-equipped and leveled up. Upgrade their weapons, armor, and skills to maximize their effectiveness in battle. You may also want to consider camping skills, as they can provide valuable buffs to your party. Finally, don\’t forget to stock up on supplies, including food, torches, and healing items. With a well-prepared party, you\’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges of The Color of Madness DLC.

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