Chapter IV – Reapers Coast: The Missing Magisters

This is a walkthrough guide for Divinity Original Sin 2. You can activate the quest by speaking with either magister Carver or magister Caryl who will ask if you have seen a missing magister. You can deny and conduct your own investigation.

Speak with Stewart near The Black Bull tavern, who will tell you that the magisters\’ suspicions are incorrect.

If you have the Spirit Vision ability, use it in the tavern and you will see Magister Harrick\’s ghost walking around the main room. Though he can\’t tell you who the murderer is, he will give you a useful hint that his body was cut into small pieces.

If you have an elf in your team, buy Meat Stew from Lorvik and consume it to learn that it contains human flesh. You can either confront Wyvlia or inform Carver.

  • Choice 1: Confrontation
  • Choice 2: Reporting

Choice 1: Confrontation

If you confront Wyvlia in The Black Bull\’s kitchen and tell her that you know what she is doing with the missing magisters, she will attack. You can search her body for her notes and a ring that belonged to one of the magisters. Take this evidence to magister Carver and he will reward you for solving the case.

Reward: 14000 experience points + 3 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 options based on character\’s class

Choice 2: Reporting

If you inform Carver first or if the confrontation with Wyvlia doesn\’t end in a fight, Carver will send magister Bellworth to gather evidence. Unfortunately, Bellworth gets killed and Wyvlia will also attack you. Kill her and gather evidence, then inform Carver and give him the evidence.

Reward: 14000 experience points + 3 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 options based on character\’s class


1. What is the main plot of Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast in The Missing Magisters?

In Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast of The Missing Magisters, the main plot revolves around the player character and their party searching for the missing magisters who were last seen in that area. As they explore the coast, they come across various factions and creatures, including the Black Ring, dwarves, and undead. Along the way, they must make decisions that affect the outcome of the story and ultimately uncover a secret involving the magisters and Source magic.

2. What are some new features introduced in Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast?

Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast in The Missing Magisters introduces several new features, including new environments to explore such as beaches, swamps, and ruins. The player also gains access to new skills and abilities, as well as new enemies to face such as the Black Ring and their powerful sorcerers. Additionally, the game introduces new companions with their own unique backstories and abilities, such as Lohse and Beast. Another new feature is the ability to craft and upgrade equipment, allowing players to customize their party\’s gear to better suit their playstyle.

3. Can the player character\’s choices affect the outcome of the story in Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast?

Yes, the player character\’s choices can greatly affect the outcome of the story in Chapter IV – Reaper\’s Coast of The Missing Magisters. The decisions made throughout the game can lead to different paths and endings, as well as affect the relationships between party members and NPCs. For example, choosing to ally with certain factions or characters can lead to different questlines and rewards. Additionally, the game\’s dialogue system allows for different approaches to conversations, such as persuasion or intimidation, which can lead to different outcomes. Overall, the player\’s choices have a significant impact on the story\’s progression and conclusion.

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