Cemetery Walkthrough for Chapter 2 Family Secrets in Tell Me Why

This is a guide and walkthrough for Tell Me Why game.

In this section of the guide, we will provide you with a walkthrough for the sixth stage, which is the second chapter of the game, and help you navigate the cemetery. We will also reveal some of the secrets that you can find in this part of the game.

Please be aware that this guide contains spoilers that may reveal certain plot elements. If you wish to continue reading, you will learn about new locations and characters.

  • Memories
  • Conversation with Tessa
  • Homecoming


As soon as you enter the cemetery, you will find your first memory. It relates to the siblings\’ mother and her relationship with Eddy\’s mother.

While walking through the cemetery, the siblings will remember old times. However, you can stop and talk to Michael to make everyone feel better.

Before you move on, you need to find the grave of the DeLeon family, which will bring back another wave of memories.

After finding the grave, open the gate to the next part of the cemetery. There will be more conversations and choices waiting for you.

After crossing the gate, head left and you will come across a totem that will bring back many memories.

After watching the memories, you\’ll have to make a decision:

  1. Save the memories where Tyler promises a quick return;
  2. Save the memories where siblings promise to see each other.

If you choose the first option, the sibling bond will increase.

Next, you can meet Kendra and spend some time talking to her. She will tell you about her daughter, her departure, and many other aspects of her life.

There\’s a figurine behind the grave of Eddy\’s mother.

Finally, go to your mother\’s grave where you\’ll meet Tessa.

Conversation with Tessa

After reaching your mother\’s grave, you meet Tessa. The conversation will start automatically, and you won\’t be able to interrupt it. If you want to do anything else in the cemetery, avoid starting this sequence.

You\’ll learn a lot about your past and your mother during the conversation. One of the dialogue options that will appear is:

  1. You could\’ve done better;
  2. You did what you had to;
  3. You destroyed our family.

However, another dialogue option will affect the siblings\’ relationship with Tessa. You can forgive her, or you can tell Tessa just how much she destroyed the twins\’ lives.


While walking to the car, the siblings will have another conversation. You can thank your sister for coming with you, despite how bad she feels in places like that.

Chapter Two: Confession

As they talk, Alyson takes responsibility for keeping the truth hidden. She feels the need to confess, but Tyler believes it won\’t make a difference.

And that concludes the second chapter of the game.


What is Cemetery in Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Family Secrets?

In Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Family Secrets, Cemetery is a location where Alyson and Tyler travel to in order to find more information about their mother\’s past. The cemetery is located in Delos Crossing and is the final resting place for many of the town\’s residents. Alyson and Tyler are looking for a grave that may hold clues about their mother\’s past and the reason for her death. The cemetery is a somber and eerie place, with gravestones and mausoleums scattered throughout the grounds. As Alyson and Tyler explore the cemetery, they will uncover secrets that will shed light on their family\’s past and the truth about their mother\’s death.

What can I expect from the Cemetery walkthrough in Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Family Secrets?

The Cemetery walkthrough in Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Family Secrets is a crucial part of the game\’s storyline. As Alyson and Tyler explore the cemetery, they will come across a number of clues and objects that will help them piece together their family\’s past. Players can expect to encounter a number of puzzles and obstacles as they navigate through the cemetery, such as unlocking gates and deciphering codes. The Cemetery walkthrough is also an opportunity for players to learn more about the history of Delos Crossing and the families that have lived there for generations. Overall, the Cemetery walkthrough in Tell Me Why: Chapter 2 Family Secrets is a captivating and emotional experience that will leave players with a deeper understanding of Alyson and Tyler\’s family and the secrets that they have been keeping for years.

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