Cause and Effects | Vampyr Walkthrough

This Vampyr guide and walkthrough offers a step-by-step walkthrough of the \”Cause and Effects\” mission.

To complete the \”Cause and Effects\” mission in Vampyr, start by going to Doctor Swansea\’s office and informing him that you\’ve finished the blood tests. This will end the quest.

  1. Next, focus on strengthening your character for the challenges ahead. Upgrade your weapon to make it more powerful if you haven\’t already done so.
  2. Take some time to rest and distribute experience points to improve your character. Increase your health and endurance for more flexibility.

  1. Complete overdue investigations and collect hints about the citizens. If you\’re playing as a hunter, now is a good time to suck blood from a few characters to strengthen Jonathan and improve your combat capabilities.

  1. Regularly treat the sick to maintain a high level of health in the neighborhood. Avoid taking blood from the sick, as you\’ll gain less experience.
  2. When you\’re ready, move on to the main plot and start the next quest – The Eye was in the Tomb.


What are the causes and effects in Vampyr?

In Vampyr, the causes and effects are closely related to the choices you make as the player. Every decision you make affects the world around you, and these effects can be felt throughout the game. For example, if you choose to spare the life of a certain citizen, they may later offer you valuable information or assistance. Conversely, if you choose to feed on them, their absence may cause a ripple effect throughout the game, affecting other characters and the overall storyline. The game\’s morality system also plays a key role in cause and effect, as your actions can lead to different endings depending on the choices you make.

How do the causes and effects in Vampyr impact gameplay?

The causes and effects in Vampyr have a significant impact on gameplay, as they can alter the course of the story and affect the relationships between characters. For example, if you choose to kill a certain character, their death may lead to the rise of a more dangerous enemy, making the game more difficult. On the other hand, sparing a character may lead to them becoming a helpful ally, making the game easier. The choices you make can also affect the amount of experience points you earn, as sparing certain characters may offer more XP than killing them. Overall, the causes and effects in Vampyr add a layer of depth and complexity to the gameplay, making each decision feel important and impactful.

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