Can You Change the Appearance of the Cat in Stray?

Stray Walkthrough and Guide

The protagonist of Stray is a stray cat. Our guide will answer whether it is possible to customize the cat\’s appearance and if there is a character creation option in the game.

Stray features a unique main character – a cat. If you\’re wondering if there\’s a way to change the cat\’s appearance in the game, this guide has the answers you need.

The image above shows what the controlled cat looks like in the game. Unfortunately, there is no option to choose a different cat or change the color of its fur. While you may encounter other cats with different colors, the appearance of the controlled cat remains the same. There is no character creator menu either.

The only change you can make to the cat\’s appearance is to equip it with a backpack after meeting B-12 for the first time in Chapter 3. However, the backpack cannot be removed at will. The game automatically removes it in scenes and locations where the cat and B-12 split up.

As an added bonus, collecting all 27 memories in the game will unlock a backpack in a different color (pictured above). However, this is purely a cosmetic change, as the new backpack has no unique properties.


Can I change the appearance of a stray cat?

While it is not recommended to try and change the appearance of a stray cat, there are some things you can do to make them more comfortable. Providing them with food and water, a warm shelter, and medical attention if needed, are all important steps in caring for a stray cat.

What if I want to groom a stray cat?

Grooming a stray cat can be difficult and even dangerous, as they may not be used to human contact and could scratch or bite. It is best to leave grooming to professionals or wait until the cat has been socialized and is comfortable with human contact.

Can I give a stray cat a bath?

Bathing a stray cat is not recommended, as they may become stressed or agitated and could potentially harm themselves or their caregiver. It is best to let the cat clean itself, or seek the help of a professional groomer if necessary.

Is it possible to change the color of a stray cat\’s fur?

No, it is not possible to change the color of a cat\’s fur. The color of a cat\’s fur is determined by genetics and cannot be altered. It is important to remember that a cat\’s appearance should not be the main focus, but rather their health and well-being should be the priority.

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