Call of the Sea: Power Supply Puzzle, Chapter 4

This is a guide and walkthrough for Call of the Sea.

On this page, we will provide the solution for the power supply puzzle in Chapter 4 -Quite a show. We will explain how to position the levers to turn on the power.

  • Waterfall
  • Levers


The power will not start until you solve the waterfall puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, the wheel that powers the surrounding area will start moving.

You can find the solution to this puzzle on the murals page.


Now it\’s time to focus. Follow the levers and rearrange the tabs so that they are usable.

Take your time and approach each of the three levers slowly and quietly. Begin with the first one:

  1. Stand behind the lever.
  2. Click the green ta key repeatedly to turn the tab upside down.
  3. Run to the lever on the other side.
  4. Pull the lever.
  5. Watch for more parts that are in motion.
  6. Repeat this process with the next two levers.

After pulling all three levers, the machine will start working.

The final step to turning on the power is to approach the board and click the keys to illuminate all possible points. On a clear board, two clicks (clockwise) should be enough:

  1. Click the fourth point.
  2. Click point seven.

Once the power is turned on, all you have to do is follow the cables and activate the individual levers.


1. What is the Power Supply puzzle in Chapter 4 of Call of the Sea?

The Power Supply puzzle in Chapter 4 of Call of the Sea is a challenging puzzle that requires players to turn on the power supply to the lighthouse. To solve the puzzle, players must find the missing pieces of the electrical circuit and correctly connect them to the main control panel. The puzzle involves a series of switches and levers that must be activated in the right sequence to complete the circuit and turn on the power supply.

2. How do I find the missing pieces for the Power Supply puzzle?

To find the missing pieces for the Power Supply puzzle, players must explore the island and look for clues that will lead them to the missing components. The missing pieces are scattered around the island and can be found in various locations, including hidden passages, locked rooms, and secret compartments. Players must use their powers of observation and problem-solving skills to uncover these pieces and bring them back to the control panel to complete the circuit.

3. What are some tips for solving the Power Supply puzzle?

One of the best tips for solving the Power Supply puzzle is to carefully examine the environment and look for clues that will help you find the missing pieces. Take notes and keep track of what you have found so far. Another tip is to experiment with the switches and levers on the control panel to see how they affect the circuit. Finally, be patient and persistent – the Power Supply puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles in the game, and it may take several attempts to solve it!

4. What happens after I solve the Power Supply puzzle?

After you solve the Power Supply puzzle in Chapter 4 of Call of the Sea, the power supply to the lighthouse will be turned on, and you will be able to enter the lighthouse and continue your adventure. The puzzle is a key part of the game\’s story, and solving it will unlock new areas to explore and new challenges to overcome. Be prepared for more puzzles and mysteries as you continue on your journey!

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