Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgofn – Secrets Locations

This is a guide and walkthrough for Call of the Sea game.

In this guide, we will show you the locations of all the secrets in Chapter 6 – Fhalgof\’n.

Photo Secret

Chapter: 6 – Fhalgof\’n.

Location: Behind the fourth door on the stone path.

To access this room, you need to solve a part of the puzzle with a constellation. You can find the walkthrough for this puzzle on the page: Portal to another world.

The photo secret is hidden in a dark spot on the stone path. You need to properly arrange the path to reach it. You won\’t be able to get there by taking the main path. Norah will notice the photo, but you need to examine it to get the achievement.

You can get the achievement – Candid Photo – by examining the photo.


1. What is Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgof\’n?

Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgof\’n is a video game level that is part of the larger game \”Call of the Sea.\” In this level, players are tasked with exploring a new location, Fhalgof\’n, and uncovering all of its secrets. The game is a first-person adventure game that involves solving puzzles and unraveling the story of a woman named Norah who is searching for her missing husband in the South Pacific in the 1930s.

2. What are some of the secrets to uncover in Chapter 6?

There are several secrets to uncover in Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgof\’n. These include finding hidden artifacts, deciphering clues, and unlocking new areas of the level. Some of the secrets are related to the overall story of the game, while others are simply there to add to the sense of exploration and discovery. Players will need to use their problem-solving skills and keen observation to uncover all of the secrets in this level.

3. How do I find all the secrets in Chapter 6?

To find all of the secrets in Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgof\’n, players will need to explore every nook and cranny of the level. This means examining objects closely, interacting with the environment, and paying attention to any clues or hints that may be hidden throughout the level. It\’s also important to backtrack and revisit areas that have already been explored, as new secrets may be revealed as the game progresses. Players who are persistent and thorough in their exploration will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of the game\’s story and lore.

4. Are there any special rewards for uncovering all of the secrets in Chapter 6?

While there may not be any specific rewards for uncovering all of the secrets in Call of the Sea: Chapter 6, Fhalgof\’n, the experience of fully immersing oneself in the game\’s world and story is its own reward. By uncovering all of the secrets and fully exploring the level, players will gain a deeper appreciation for the game\’s intricacies and the thought that went into its design. Additionally, players who complete the game with a high level of exploration and completion may unlock special achievements or rewards in the game\’s overall progression system.

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