Building Rooms in Two Point Campus

A comprehensive guide on building rooms in Two Point Campus

In Two Point Campus, players can access various types of rooms, including lecture halls and social areas, as they advance through the campaign. This guide provides tips on building rooms effectively.

This guide provides information on building rooms in Two Point Campus, including entering build mode and practical planning tips.

  • How to Build a Room
  • Tips for Building

How to Build a Room

To access the build mode, click on the Build button. On the left side of the screen, a list of available rooms will be displayed.

Select the desired room and use the left mouse button to adjust the size. Minimum area requirements and mandatory equipment for each room are listed in a section on the screen.

The game automatically provides all required equipment. Players need to place them in the desired locations.

Once completed, confirm the room by clicking on the button above.

Tips for Building

Effective space utilization and profits are critical aspects of building in Two Point Campus. The following tips will help:

  1. Build slightly larger rooms than the minimum area requirements for better space utilization.
  2. Place multiple objects in a room, such as multiple cabins in restrooms and sofas in student common areas. This can help accommodate more people, meet their needs, and increase satisfaction rates.
  3. Decorate rooms with at least one flower or painting to avoid dull environments that can make students and staff unhappy.
  4. Place vending machines with snacks and drinks in break rooms for staff and students.
  5. Don\’t hesitate to remove rooms that are no longer useful to gain space for new rooms or relocate them.


What types of rooms can be built in Two Point Campus?

In Two Point Campus, players can build a variety of rooms, including academic facilities, dormitories, and leisure areas. Academic facilities include lecture halls, laboratories, and libraries, which are essential for teaching and research. Dormitories provide housing for students and staff, with different options available depending on the budget and needs of the institution. Leisure areas, such as gyms, cinemas, and cafes, are important for keeping students happy and healthy. There are also specific rooms for events, such as graduation ceremonies and sports matches, which add to the overall atmosphere of the campus.

How do you unlock new types of rooms in Two Point Campus?

Players can unlock new types of rooms in Two Point Campus by meeting certain requirements. For example, to unlock the Botanical Garden, players need to research the necessary technology and have a certain level of prestige. Similarly, to unlock the Observatory, players need to have a certain level of research and have completed specific objectives. As players progress through the game, they will unlock new technologies and features, which will enable them to build more advanced and exciting facilities.

Can rooms in Two Point Campus be customized?

Yes, rooms in Two Point Campus can be customized in a variety of ways. Players can choose different themes for their rooms, such as sci-fi, medieval, or jungle, which will change the appearance of the furniture and decor. Players can also personalize their rooms by adding posters, plants, and other decorations. In addition, players can adjust the layout and size of their rooms, allowing for a high degree of customization. This allows players to create unique and personalized campuses that reflect their own style and preferences.

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