Breathedge: List of Resources and How to Obtain Them

This is a guide for Breathedge, covering the ways to gather common resources that are required for crafting blueprint items.

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Wires
  • Fabric
  • Lightbulbs
  • Aluminum
  • Alkali
  • Glass
  • Lead paint
  • Titanium
  • Electronics
  • Resin


Metal is a commonly used resource in most blueprints. It is used to create basic tools and refined metal. While it is easier to find refined metal than to create it, do not use up too much metal for it. Pieces of metal are orange-white and can be found floating in space. Break the bigger spheres with Handy Scrapper to collect them.


Rubber can be found in containers or cut out with shears from the plating that covers numerous parts of the ship. It is mainly used to craft tape.


Plastic can be found in containers or obtained by smashing devices such as radios or speakers that drift around in space. Protruding pipe fragments near broken hull parts can also yield plastic. It is not a frequently used ingredient.


Wires protruding from various hull parts can be found and collected easily without any tools. They are orange and can be spotted from a distance. You can also find them sometimes upon breaking electronic devices.


Fabric can be obtained in many ways. Floating pillows, armchair backrests, or other fabric objects can be collected to your inventory immediately and will stack as one item. Fabric scraps stuck to shuttle walls can also be harvested using shears.


Lightbulbs are found in lamps and are not used very often. They are initially not easy to find, but after leaving the base, head straight down towards the pink light to find one. Later, they can also be found in containers.


Aluminum can be harvested from asteroids using the drill. Look for silver cubes in the asteroid debris. One deposit will give you 5 pieces of aluminum. This resource is useful when modifying your suit.


Alkali is one of the battery elements and can be found on asteroids. To collect them, you need a Grabber instead of the Drill. If you have a spare battery, you won\’t need much alkali.


Glass is initially a rare resource but is also rarely used. To acquire it at the beginning of the game, go from your shuttle to the evacuation point. Halfway through the cooling gel area, you will find broken rescue shuttles with plenty of glass floating in space. You need the grabber to collect it.

Lead Paint

To collect lead paint, head to the area below the capsule where orange \”smoke\” is present. Remember to carry oxygen candles with you.

Search the smuggler\’s body (1) and take the eye. Then, move towards the nearby safe (2) and open it to obtain one paint and its blueprint.

If you have enough oxygen, go to the center of the wreckage, where the \”smoke\” comes out. If not, come back later.

At the center of the wreckage, you will find the ingredients necessary for producing a paint that can color a suit and a helmet – floating lead and paint.


Titanium is not available until Chapter 2 of the story. Similar to metal, it can be found in the form of a sphere and smaller debris floating in space.


Drilling various ship parts can get you electronics. They are often located on the outer parts of the hulls and can be seen from a distance. This resource is available only from Chapter 2.


Resin is available only from Chapter 2 and can be found in destroyed containers with a red substance. Use a Grabber to extract it. It\’s useful for making fuel to fill up your vehicles.


1. What resources can be found in Breathedge?

In Breathedge, players can find a variety of resources that are vital for survival. These include metal, plastic, glass, rubber, electronics, and oxygen. Each resource has its own specific use, such as metal being used for building and repairs, plastic for crafting tools, and oxygen for breathing. There are also rare resources such as titanium and gold, which can be used for advanced crafting and upgrades.

2. How do I collect resources in Breathedge?

Resources can be collected in several ways in Breathedge. The most common way is to scavenge them from the wreckage scattered throughout space. Players can use their scanner to locate resources and then use their tools to extract them. Some resources, such as oxygen, can be found in specific locations such as oxygen stations or plants. Additionally, players can create resource collectors to automatically gather resources over time.

3. What is the best way to manage my resources in Breathedge?

In Breathedge, it\’s important to manage your resources carefully to ensure you have enough to survive. One strategy is to prioritize which resources you need the most and focus on collecting those first. It\’s also a good idea to keep a stockpile of resources in case of emergencies or unexpected situations. Players can create storage containers to keep their resources organized and easily accessible.

4. Are there any tips for finding rare resources in Breathedge?

Finding rare resources can be challenging in Breathedge, but there are a few tips that can help. One is to explore thoroughly and look for areas that may be hidden or difficult to access. Another is to use the scanner to locate resources and focus on areas with high concentrations of the resource you\’re looking for. Finally, players can craft upgrades for their tools and equipment to make resource gathering more efficient and increase their chances of finding rare resources.

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