Breathedge: Guide for Cooling Area in Chapter 4 and 5

This Breathedge guide provides a complete walkthrough for the cooling area, which is one of the key story-related areas in Chapter 4.

  • How to enter the station
  • Where to find the Cooling Unit blueprint
  • How to obtain the working fluid

How to enter the station

To enter the station, head towards the question mark on the right, behind the asteroids. After reaching there, destroy the ice that blocks the docking module and enter the station. There is only one path available, so you don\’t have to worry about getting lost.

Where to find the Cooling Unit blueprint

You will find refrigerators behind closed doors. Next to the refrigerator on the right marked with a number 4, you will find a Cooling Unit blueprint on the floor (1 out of 3).

On top of the stairs, behind the gate next to a destroyed coffin, you will find the first Navigation Chip. Move towards the right…

Scan the man in metal in one of the refrigerators (Cooling Unit blueprint). Now go through the door in front of you and enter the next room.

At the end of the room, by the pile of electronics, you will find another Navigation Chip (and a case – another Cooling Unit blueprint). Walk up to the panel near the gate – if you\’ve scanned all three Cooling Unit blueprints, you can turn off the cooling system and reach the next area of the station through the gap.

How to obtain the working fluid

You need an access card to progress, which is held by one of the corpses trapped in a water orb (you need to fly inside – it\’s the one with a wreckage fragment sticking out, and the corpse can be found in its center).

While exploring the other rooms, you\’ll find a hallway with many rooms on the left. The third room has a filter on the bed (needed to create a filtration system).

Examine the console in the last room, then destroy four electrical devices in the same room. Finally, you must obtain Working Fluid x4. You can get it by using a Drill and drilling into the bodies locked in refrigerators you\’ve encountered earlier. You won\’t need more than four fluids as it\’s not used in any other blueprints. After obtaining the ingredients, return to the Normandy and build the Cooling Unit. You need:

  1. Working Fluid x4,
  2. Non-conductive Gel x2
  3. a Generator.

The module must be installed in the cockpit, to the left of the steering wheel. By installing it, you\’ll finish the first stage of Chapter 4.


1. What is the Cooling area in Breathedge?

The Cooling area is a location in Chapters 4 & 5 of Breathedge, a survival game set in space. As the name suggests, this area is responsible for cooling the ship\’s reactor. It includes several rooms and corridors filled with puzzles, traps, and enemies. Players must navigate through the Cooling area to progress through the game and uncover the story\’s mysteries.

2. How do I enter the Cooling area in Breathedge?

To enter the Cooling area, players must first complete the tasks in the previous chapters of the game. Once they have the necessary equipment and items, they can access the Cooling area through the airlock in the main hallway of the ship. The airlock will lead them to the Cooling area\’s entrance, where they can begin their adventure.

3. What challenges will I face in the Cooling area of Breathedge?

The Cooling area of Breathedge is filled with challenges that players must overcome to progress through the game. These challenges include solving puzzles, avoiding traps, battling enemies, and navigating through complex environments. Some of the puzzles require specific items or equipment to solve, while others are more straightforward but require quick thinking and reflexes.

4. Are there any secrets to uncover in the Cooling area of Breathedge?

Yes, there are many secrets to uncover in the Cooling area of Breathedge. Players can find hidden rooms, collectibles, and clues that will help them piece together the story\’s mysteries. They can also discover easter eggs and references to other games and pop culture. Exploring every nook and cranny of the Cooling area is essential for those who want to uncover all the game\’s secrets.

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