Bomb Troublemakers on Bleake Island | Collectibles Guide for Bleake Island

Batman: Arkham Knight Guide

On this particular page of our guide for Batman: Arkham Knight, we will be discussing the details regarding the bomb troublemakers that can be found on Bleake Island. Getting rid of these troublemakers is necessary to achieve a 100% completion of the game.

Using a remote-controlled batarang will help you locate the troublemakers carrying bombs.

There are three bomb rioters that can be found on Bleake Island, and the approach to neutralizing them is the same in each case. You must begin by locating the pressure plate, standing on it, and listening to the Riddler\’s speech. After this, use your remote-controlled batarang to locate the troublemakers causing chaos on the streets. Instead of knocking them down, fly the batarang near them to identify the rioter carrying a bomb, which will be marked in red.

Use an EMP to disable the bomb carried by the rioter.

The last step is to neutralize the bomb carried by the marked rioter. This can be done by using an EMP. You can shoot the charge from a distance, or use it during combat. If you choose the latter, make sure to take down the enemy quickly and use the appropriate button/key combination to quickly use the gadget.


What are the collectibles on Bleake Island in the game?

The collectibles on Bleake Island include Riddler Trophies, Riddles, Breakable Objects, and Militia Watchtowers. Riddler Trophies are scattered throughout the island, and require players to solve a puzzle or challenge to obtain them. Riddles are cryptic clues left by the Riddler, and players must use their detective skills to decipher them and find the hidden item. Breakable Objects are destructible items that can be found around the island, and can be destroyed using Batman\’s various gadgets. Militia Watchtowers are heavily guarded enemy bases that must be taken down to weaken the militia\’s hold on the island. Each collectible provides players with experience points and unlocks various upgrades and achievements in the game.

How can players locate and collect all the Bleake Island collectibles?

Players can use Batman\’s detective mode to locate the collectibles on Bleake Island. Riddler Trophies can be found by scanning the environment for green question marks, and then solving the accompanying puzzle or challenge. Riddles can be solved by examining the clues in the environment and using various gadgets to reveal the hidden item. Breakable Objects can be found by scanning for red markers in detective mode, and then using the appropriate gadget to destroy them. Militia Watchtowers can be located by scanning for blue markers, and then taking down the enemy guards and completing the objectives. Additionally, players can consult online guides and maps to help locate all the collectibles on Bleake Island. Collecting all the collectibles on Bleake Island is not necessary to complete the game, but it provides players with a sense of accomplishment and unlocks various rewards and upgrades.

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