Blair Witch Walkthrough: Chapters 10 and 11

Here is a guide for the Blair Witch game\’s chapters 10 and 11 that take place in the sawmill. These chapters will bring you closer to the truth, and we have a walkthrough to help you complete them.

  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11

Chapter 10

To begin, enter the sawmill territory and activate the generator to turn on the lights. Call Jess before entering through the only open door. Inside, you\’ll find a photo and another tape.

Chapter 11

Exit the building and play the tape. Pause it when the person on the recording opens the second door to gain access to the middle room. Here, the middle drawer holds the padlock code.

Head outside and go to the gate with the padlock. Set the latches according to the code and climb the stairs. Look at the screen to see the person lying there, and take the tape nearby to watch it later.

Approach the window to see a man playing with Bullet. You must confront him to proceed.


What is the Blair Witch Walkthrough?

The Blair Witch Walkthrough is a guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete chapters 10 and 11 of the Blair Witch video game. These chapters are considered some of the most challenging levels in the game, and the walkthrough is designed to help players navigate through the obstacles and puzzles they will encounter. The guide offers tips and tricks on how to solve puzzles, find hidden items, and avoid dangers. By following the Blair Witch Walkthrough, players can increase their chances of successfully completing the game and uncovering all of its secrets.

How do I use the Blair Witch Walkthrough?

To use the Blair Witch Walkthrough, start by reading through the guide to get a general idea of what to expect in each chapter. Then, follow the instructions step-by-step as you play through the game. The guide will provide detailed information on where to go, what to do, and how to solve puzzles. It’s important to read the guide carefully and follow the instructions closely, as some of the puzzles require specific actions to be completed in a certain order. If you get stuck on a particular section, refer back to the guide for help. By using the Blair Witch Walkthrough, you can make your way through these challenging chapters with ease.

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