Beginners Guide to The Forgotten City

This guide provides valuable tips to make playing The Forgotten City easier. Learn how to use the loop reset feature and get advice on how to succeed in the game.

In this beginner\’s guide, we highlight important elements that players may overlook while focusing on the plot.

  • Talk to everyone
  • Explore all possibilities
  • Use objective markers and hints
  • Reset the loop if needed
  • Pay attention to time
  • Save before important dialogues
  • Reset the loop if someone commits a crime

Talk to Everyone

Interact with various characters in The Forgotten City. They provide guidance and useful tips to help you navigate the game. Ask questions and investigate to learn as much as possible.

Explore all Possibilities

Try different paths, conversations, and options without worrying about the consequences. Our guide only covers the essential elements needed to complete the game.

Use Objective Markers and Hints

Enable objective markers and crosshairs in the interface settings to help with navigation and aiming. Use the hint feature for guidance to the next important location.

Reset the Loop if Needed

Take risks and experiment with the game\’s elements. If something goes wrong, reset the loop at the temple. Remember that your inventory remains intact.

Pay Attention to Time

Time flows in The Forgotten City, and characters have their own lives and schedules. Keep this in mind when planning your actions. Reset the loop if necessary.

Save before Important Dialogues

Save frequently for a more enjoyable experience. The game has a quick load feature, so you won\’t waste time running through the same areas.

Reset the Loop if Someone Commits a Crime

If someone commits a crime, reset the loop at the temple to continue your task without issues.


1. What is The Forgotten City?

The Forgotten City is an award-winning game that combines elements of adventure, exploration, and puzzle-solving. It is set in an ancient Roman city that has been frozen in time, and the player must unravel the mystery of what happened to its inhabitants and prevent a tragedy from occurring.

2. What are some tips for beginners?

First and foremost, pay close attention to the dialogue and clues provided by the non-playable characters. They will often give hints on what to do next and how to solve puzzles. Additionally, make use of your journal to keep track of important information and objectives. Explore thoroughly, as there are often hidden areas and items that can aid in your progress. Finally, don\’t be afraid to experiment and try different approaches to solving problems.

3. Are there multiple endings?

Yes, The Forgotten City has multiple endings based on the choices made by the player throughout the game. These choices can have far-reaching consequences, so be mindful of the ramifications of your actions. To unlock all of the endings, it may be necessary to play through the game multiple times and make different decisions each time.

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