Assisting Tonya

This is a GTA 5 guide and walkthrough.

Character: Franklin

Location: Tonya can be found across the street from Franklin\’s house (as seen in the above screenshot). Talk to her to start this optional mission.

The Towtruck

Once you have a vehicle, pick up Tonya and drive to a police parking lot located east of Franklin\’s house. Drive up to the gate, wait for it to open, enter the lot and park. Locate the Towtruck and get inside.

Towing the Car

Your job is to tow a car that has been abandoned to the police parking lot. Once you reach the car, position yourself back to front or back to back with it. Lower the crane with the left analog stick, attach the hook to the car and then lift the crane arm. Drive slowly back to the parking lot, being careful not to perform any violent maneuvers that could cause the car to unhook. Once you reach the parking lot, stop at the marked circle and unhook the car to complete the mission.


  • Tonya is added to Franklin\’s contacts

Requirements for 100% completion:

  • Time: Complete the mission within 5 minutes. Use a fast car to reach the abandoned vehicle quickly.
  • Unhook Bonus: Do not let the car unhook accidentally until you reach the police parking lot.


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