Arx Quests That Remain

This is a walkthrough and guide to Divinity Original Sin 2. Below are the quests in Arx. These include Battle At The Gates, The Execution, and A King Reborn.

  • Battle At The Gates
  • The Execution
  • A King Reborn

Battle At The Gates

A battle takes place between paladins and Voidwoken on the bridge that leads to Arx. Join the paladins to defeat their enemies.

After the battle, go to Captain Any Orell to receive your reward.

Reward: 194,000 experience points + 3 guaranteed rewards + 1 out of 4 rewards depending on the character\’s class

The Execution

An execution is scheduled on the square in front of the Barracks. A woman named Marie will speak to you and ask you to stop the execution.

Speak to Linder Kemm and use Persuasion to convince him to stop the execution. If you fail, the quest fails.

Collect your reward from Marie.

Reward: 58,200 experience points + 4 guaranteed rewards + 1 out of 4 rewards depending on the character\’s class

A King Reborn

Note: If Tarquin is dead or if you have not completed the quest All In The Family, you cannot start this quest.

On the second floor of Barracks\’ undergrounds, you must face Magister Reimond. Search his body and find the Journal with Note. Read it to learn that Tarquin resurrected Braccus Rex.

Confront Tarquin in the Hall of Echoes.

Reward: 58,175 experience points + Anathema


What are remaining quests in Arx?

Remaining quests in Arx refer to the unfinished quests that a player has yet to complete. These quests can be found in various locations throughout the game and can range from simple fetch quests to more complex story-driven quests. Some remaining quests may require the player to defeat a certain number of enemies, locate a specific item, or solve a puzzle. Completing these quests can provide the player with valuable rewards such as experience points, gold, and rare items. It is recommended that players prioritize completing remaining quests in Arx in order to gain the maximum benefits from the game.

How do I find remaining quests in Arx?

There are multiple ways to find remaining quests in Arx. Players can talk to NPC characters throughout the game to receive new quests or to learn more about existing quests. Quests can also be found by exploring the game\’s environment and interacting with objects and characters. Additionally, players can consult their quest log to see a list of all remaining quests and their objectives. It is important to note that some quests may only become available after completing certain story missions or by reaching a certain level, so players should keep this in mind while exploring the game world.

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