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The final option available is to locate and eliminate the sponsor who put a bounty on our protagonist. These sponsors can be identified by a red purse icon and are often found alongside other enemies. The method of killing the sponsor is up to the player, and doing so will render the wanted poster null and void.

It\’s important to note that mercenaries can be encountered throughout the game world, even when they\’re not actively pursuing the hero. They may be stationed in cities or forts, and it\’s generally best to avoid them. However, there may be exceptions if the player wants to attack them for experience points, valuable equipment, or the possibility of recruiting them after they\’ve been incapacitated.


1. How can I avoid constantly being attacked by mercenaries in AC Odyssey?

In AC Odyssey, mercenaries are constantly hunting you down due to your notoriety level. To avoid being attacked by them, you can do the following:

  • Lower your notoriety level by paying off bounties or completing missions that reduce it.
  • Avoid committing crimes in front of witnesses or in highly populated areas.
  • Use stealth to avoid being detected by mercenaries.
  • Disable the \”auto loot\” feature in the game settings, as picking up loot can increase your notoriety level.
  • Equip gear that reduces your notoriety level or increases your stealth.

2. Can I permanently get rid of mercenaries in AC Odyssey?

No, you cannot permanently get rid of mercenaries in AC Odyssey. They will constantly spawn and hunt you down, regardless of your notoriety level. However, you can make their attacks less frequent and easier to deal with by following the tips mentioned above. Additionally, defeating higher level mercenaries will increase your own level and make you stronger in combat.

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