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This section provides a detailed description of the Collectibles, Elite Guards, Data Logs, Secrets, Rune Trials and Classic Map available in Argent Facility level.

Read below for all the secrets in the Argent Facility level, including Elite Guards, Data Logs, Rune Trials and Classic Map.

  • Rune Trial #1
  • Data Log #1
  • Classic Map
  • Elite Guard #1
  • Elite Guard #2
  • Data Log #2
  • Argent Cell
  • Rune Trial #2
  • Collectible #1
  • Collectible #2
  • Elite Guard #3
  • Data Log #3
  • Automap (secret)
  • Elite Guard #4

Rune Trial #1


At the beginning of the level, you can find the first Rune Trial. After opening the first sluice, jump through the hole in the barrier and cross the fall to reach the other side.

There you will find the rune stone. In this mission, you have to kill 15 enemies before time runs out. You start with only 15 seconds, but each successful kill adds a few more seconds to the counter. To complete the mission, kill enemies with one shot as close as possible without performing Glory Kills, which saves time. You will receive the Vacuum rune as a reward, which increases the range of items being dragged towards you.

Data Log #1

After finishing the first Rune Trial, go to the left and reach a small room where you can find the first Data Log.

Classic Map

Next to the first Data Log, you will find some barrels. Behind them, there is a hidden lever. Pull it and enter the nearby room to get the Classic Map.

Elite Guard #1

Move along the left wall after you defeat the first Gore Nest. You will find a niche containing some valuable items and an Elite Guard.

Elite Guard #2

Stand in front of the blue barrier after destroying the first Gore Nest and walk around it from the left. You will discover a path to the bunker below.

Before reaching the bunker, jump one floor below and turn left. There you will find a path leading to another Elite Guard.

Data Log #2

After destroying the first Gore Nest, go to the room ahead of the blue barrier to find the second Data Log.

Argent Cell

After collecting the second Data Log and destroying the filter in the same building, go outside and enter the room on the left to find a large warehouse.

In the left corner of the warehouse, walk around the construction in the middle from the right side to find the Argent Cell.

Rune Trial #2

Dazed and Confused

In the room with the battery, look for a platform marked with green lights near one of the machines. Climb onto it from the machine\’s roof and continue climbing behind the green markings to reach the next floor.

On the left side, you will find a room with the second filter and a larger warehouse further ahead. Behind it, you will discover the second Rune Trial. This time, you must destroy 30 barrels with a pistol to earn the Dazed and Confused rune, which increases the stun time of opponents. During the trial, try to keep moving and shoot every barrel you see. When only three targets remain, the game will highlight them to make them easier to find.

Collectible #1


After destroying the filters, go to the room with the second Rune Trial and jump through the hole in the ground to reach the floor below. You will see two chests stacked on top of each other. Use them to climb up and reach the lamps above the corridor, where you will find the first collectible.


Go to the Gore Nest near the second Rune Trial. After the battle, jump onto the sidewalk on the right side of the entrance.

You will see a door nearby and a group of monsters behind it. Kill all the beasts and go upstairs. Use the Combat Drone and then pick up the Data Log.

Collectible #2


After picking up the second Data Log, go to the bottom of the room. There will be a door leading outside. Proceed forward and eliminate some demons along the way. Climb onto two rock ledges and then jump to the other side of the path.

You will see a narrow edge on the left side which will lead you to the last collectible on this level.

Elite Guard #3

After collecting the second collectible, return to the place where you jumped between the rocks and go below. Follow the path while staying on the left side. Eventually, you will see a sidewalk that you can jump onto.

Jump onto it and continue forward until you find the third Elite Guard.

Data Log #3

In the blue-lit room with the third filter, you will find the last Data Log.

Automap (secret)

After collecting the third data log, go to the large room where the Gore Nest was located and turn left. In the corner of the room, there will be a door which leads to an Automap.

Elite Guard #4

The final guard can be found in the corridor that leads to the Argent processor.


What are some of the secrets in the Argent Facility?

The Argent Facility is full of secrets and hidden areas that players can explore. One of the most notable secrets is the hidden lever in the main lobby, which opens a secret room containing a BFG 9000. Another secret can be found in the room with the yellow skull key. If you jump down to the lower level and climb the ladder, you\’ll find a hidden area with a Gauss Cannon. Additionally, there are several hidden rooms and areas that can only be accessed by using the Argent Facility\’s ventilation system. These areas contain valuable items and power-ups that can help players during combat.

How do I access the secret rooms in the Argent Facility?

Accessing the secret rooms in the Argent Facility requires careful exploration and observation. Players should keep an eye out for hidden levers, buttons, and switches that can open secret doors and passages. Additionally, players can use the ventilation system to access hidden areas that are not accessible by normal means. It\’s also helpful to have a good understanding of the map layout and to explore every nook and cranny of the facility to uncover all of its secrets.

What rewards can I expect from exploring the secrets in the Argent Facility?

Exploring the secrets in the Argent Facility can yield a variety of rewards, including powerful weapons, ammo, health, and armor upgrades. Players can also find collectibles such as data logs and secret areas that contain valuable lore and backstory about the game\’s world. Additionally, uncovering all of the secrets in the Argent Facility can help players gain an edge in combat by providing them with extra resources and power-ups. Overall, exploring the secrets in the Argent Facility is a great way to enhance the overall gameplay experience and enjoy all of the content that the game has to offer.

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